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Stealing from the poor to give to the rich

The cart below shows BLS data on median weekly earnings between 1999-2020 for full-time workers (adjusted for inflation). From 2002 to 2015, wages didn't budge. No growth. In 2018, they surged more than at any time (by far) in two … Continue reading

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“Bold and pretentious statements abound”

This was the start of the review of my book on Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy provided by EH.Net to the Societies for the History of Economics online list: This book is about how little Steven Kates thinks of the … Continue reading

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Vale Des Moore

Sadly, Des Moore died earlier this week. Des would have been known personally and by reputation to most Cat readers. He was a tireless prosecutor of conservative causes from the time as a young man studying in London when he … Continue reading

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US GDP growth 33.1%

AN UNSURPRISING UPDATE: GDP Explodes 33.1% — Media Bury The Story A few weeks ago we noted that the third-quarter GDP number was likely to be a stunner, defying the endless claims by the press that the economy will struggle … Continue reading

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But what’s he done for us lately?

Donald Trump has presided over the most spectacular annualised quarterly growth in American history… New York Times: U.S. economic growth hit a quarterly record, but a shortfall remains.

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Pyrmonter on Samuel Brittan

Two generations ago, political Keynesianism, the idea that governments could successfully manipulate the economic ‘levers’ of monetary, fiscal, capital account and trade policies to optimise social well-being by maximising economic output was the norm.  As critical writers from the Public … Continue reading

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You can’t trust government research

Over the past 12 years or so, I’ve had a nice side gig going where I have replicated and critiqued modelling that underpins government policy. To that end I have critiqued the FuelWatch scheme, the GFC stimulus, the mining tax, … Continue reading

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Remember there are no trade-offs …

The there-is-no-trade-off-between-health-and-the-economy brigade are getting very shrill. There is an op-ed that appeared online today and will probably appear in print tomorrow that is very interesting. Economists in Australia and around the world have come to a near-unanimous conclusion about … Continue reading

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The return of the Eureka Stockade

I don’t know if anyone else has commented on this, but I find it interesting that this protest was to be in Ballarat, the same city as The Eureka Stockade. I no longer expect the same result if it goes … Continue reading

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Could the last Liberal in Victoria please blow the candle out?

Daniel Andrews wants you to ‘Click for Vic’ during the coronavirus lockdown. A website’s one thing but the Government should be putting its hand in its pocket to really support small business.” – Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien thinks governments … Continue reading

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