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Sydney big shots are hurting – News Corp springs into action

UNLIKE the orange-collared, the beautiful people and their union have mates in high places. One of them is the editor of The Australian. Introducing “smarter” lockdowns: Smarter, targeted lockdown would help save economy. Economic modelling commissioned by NSW Treasurer Dominic … Continue reading

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Modern economics provides no sound advice on how to manage an economy

Modern economic theory is complete trash, as I have noted before, but which is now also discussed here: Dismal Economics. Although neoclassical economics relies on assumptions that should have been discarded long ago, it remains the mainstream orthodoxy. Three recent books, … Continue reading

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Nice house you’ve got there…

‘Double dip’ recession can be avoided if more people get COVID-19 vaccines, NAB boss says. Our intention is to keep homeowners in their homes as much as we possibly can and work with them. We want to get people through … Continue reading

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Unreality Salad

Joe Biden’s Inflation Guide: He says more spending lowers prices by… well, you figure it out. If we increase the availability of quality, affordable child care, elder care, paid leave, more people will enter the workforce. These steps will enhance … Continue reading

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Competing visions

Techno-Feudalism (non-paywall version here): This is how capitalism ends: not with a revolutionary bang, but with an evolutionary whimper. Just as it displaced feudalism gradually, surreptitiously, until one day the bulk of human relations were market-based and feudalism was swept … Continue reading

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Green destruction of productive resources. Forests and fisheries

Today Robert Gottleibson has a piece in The Australian about the severe shortage of timber that is plaguing the Australian building industry thanks to the combined efforts of the local Greens and the Reds in China Starting with the Greens, … Continue reading

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Steve Horwitz 1964 – 2021

Overnight we got the news that Austrian school economist Steve Horwitz had passed away. He made his most distinguished contributions to monetary economics, including his 1992 book  Monetary Evolution, Free Banking, and Economic Order (republished in 2019) and his 2000 book Microfoundations and … Continue reading

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The Love-Child of Jack McEwen and Matt Kean

A huge con is afoot on the ‘conservative’ side of the parliamentary aisle but most LNP supporters probably haven’t noticed or, if they have, they no longer care. Or maybe it’s impossible nowadays to differentiate governance from what health bureaucrats … Continue reading

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The economy is not roaring back

Last week the National Accounts data came out. Today’s National Accounts have confirmed Australia’s economy is now bigger than it was pre-pandemic, a feat no major advanced economy has achieved. We’re continuing to lead the world in our economic comeback … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies and the National Accounts

We close down much of the economy for more than a year and this is where we supposedly now find ourselves: Economy back in record recovery. And looks who the star of the recovery has been. Australia’s economy is larger … Continue reading

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