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Economic clowns at every turn

Fascinating title from an article in the Financial Times: Why economists keep being wrong on policy. It comes with a bit of interesting content in its description of the nature of economic theory and policy: The abiding sin threaded through it … Continue reading

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Do Austrian Lives Matter? One for Sinc

Richard Ebeling posted on the New Austrian School of Economics Facebook group suggesting that there should be an Austrian Economics Pride Month demanding  “social equity” in employment and income in the economics profession on the basis of a quota for … Continue reading

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Mayhem the Conqueror

THIS graph and associated economic data have just been published by Britain’s Office for National Statistics. If what Figure 3 charts were true of another country – say, Fiji or even Australia – it would register as something between unsurprisingly … Continue reading

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Adam Creighton conducted a poll…

How long would lockdowns be in Australia if politicians and top public servants took a 20% pay cut for each day of lockdown? 🤔#savinglives #auspol — Adam Creighton (@Adam_Creighton) February 12, 2021   Meanwhile, Equity Economics is using a Bureau … Continue reading

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Yellen Keller

Yellen received $800G from hedge fund in Gamestop controversy; WH won’t commit to recusal. Oh, it’s not: WH: ‘Shouldn’t be a surprise’ Janet Yellen paid by firm in GameStop stock struggle.

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From the Hansard: Google v Rent-seekers

Senator BRAGG: Turning to your tax affairs, how much corporate tax did Google pay in Australia last year? Ms Silva : Last year Google paid $59 million in tax, and we comply with the tax laws of the land. We … Continue reading

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Read this book

Overnight we got the sad news that William Allen had passed away . Not a household name, but a co-author of one of the best series of books  ever written on economics. University Economics was first published in 1964 and … Continue reading

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Frydenberg on behavioural responses

I avoid needlessly giving money to the government by adhering to the speed limit, stopping at red lights, parking in allocated parking spaces, and so on. I avoid late fees on my bills by paying on time. In short, being … Continue reading

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Google experiments: ACCC to be humiliated?

As Cats know the Australian legacy media have been conspiring with the Australian federal government (and it’s so-called ‘independent’ agency the ACCC) to impose a tax* on Facebook and Google. Under the proposal Facebook and Google would have to pay … Continue reading

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Alan Wood has passed away

Alan Wood – economics correspondent extraordinaire – has passed away aged 76. His obituaries appear today in the Australian and AFR. During a distinguished career in journalism, Wood worked for The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, and was, … Continue reading

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