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The Australian and the LNP think the state “shouts” us things

The “free” lunch is finally here: NSW budget: state to shout you lunch, pay for the movies.

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What the American election is about

The election, in spite of the media, the Russian collusion story, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment at the start of the year, the criminal conspiracy by the upper levels of American security agencies would not even be close were it … Continue reading

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In academia who would self-report anything else?

I have just received a note from a journal that my article will not be included in a forthcoming overview of one of the world’s great economists (now sadly deceased). I am sorry to inform you that your proposal has … Continue reading

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What about male obstetricians, Annabel? Can they deliver?

Can a Budget shaped by male leaders hope to deliver for women hit hardest by this recession?

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The question was not who was responsible but why did anyone think it was the right way to go?

I watched the examination of Daniel Andrews the other day until I could bear it no longer. The major issue seemed to be who had decided to employ these private contractors rather than bring in the ADF. But that was … Continue reading

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Belt up, Dan, and hit the road, you communist fool

Every so often you come across something so revealing that there is little more to add once you have seen it. In yesterday’s Herald-Sun there was an article titled, “China Backs Dan deal”. Of course it does, but this is … Continue reading

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Explaining what is wrong with Magic Money Theory [MMT]

This was from Beachcomber in the comments: Hi Steve, I just read a fascinating essay by Peter Smith at Quadrant: Money printing in the age of Covid In the essay it states: In the age of COVID-19, bonds sold to … Continue reading

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Do people generally know what the initials CCP stands for?

The initials CCP stand for Communist Party of China. The CPC is officially organised on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle conceived by Russian Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin which entails democratic and open discussion on policy on the condition of unity in upholding … Continue reading

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NSW public sector wage freeze won’t have support of Shooters, Fishers and Farmers. GLADYS Berejiklian’s admirable ambition to rein in the NSW budget as a pandemic and panic-driven recession looms on the economic horizon has been dealt a predictable blow … Continue reading

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Reaping the whirlwind

The video is on the simplistic side but is accurate enough. The point is that spending of itself doesn’t make your economy grow and more especially, able to repay a loan. Only value adding investment does that, investments where every … Continue reading

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