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“Issue assignats” is always the answer to the economic ignoramuses of the left

And the disasters that follow are always also the same as well. This is from the final pages of Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France from 1790. Change “assignats” into “dollars” and it could be modern day America. … Continue reading

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With masterful timing, pontiff talks up the Cuban model

          Pope Francis reappears after surgery – calls for free universal healthcare. Your vocation as a Church is not to have money but to be of service, and service is always free.” – Communism No one would remember the Good Samaritan … Continue reading

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What to start worrying about next after Covid disappears

Both from Drudge at one and the same time. Do deficits matter anymore? Biden’s first budget signals they don’t… And then this at the very same time. Biden pledges to tackle supply shortages as prices rise… Let me note that … Continue reading

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‘She’s hot – apart from the overalls and the boil on her nose’

It’s 3 am: The Washington Post beer-goggles the Biden economy using an old technique… The media is now beyond any lingua franca of parody. And yet the Bee – the freakish Bee.

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Biden: “Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore”

Inflation: hold my soon-to-be fifty dollar beer… “Milton Friedman’s Revenge” — Sean Hackbarth (@seanhackbarth) May 7, 2021

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Worse than he was before…

              Karl Rove in the WSJ: Joe Biden Is the Six Trillion Dollar Man. All this largess requires confiscatory tax increases that would punish savings by raising capital-gains tax rates, devastate small businesses that pass profits through to their owners by … Continue reading

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I’m a doctor and my advice is don’t come back

From: Asked whether April 26 was a realistic return date for the Premier, Mr Merlino said his doctors were yet to make an assessment. “Dan will be back based on doctor’s advice,” he said. Of course, my doctorate is in … Continue reading

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Keynesian malpractice started early

I don’t normally wish to speak ill of the dead, but with John Maynard Keynes I will make an exception. What has brought it to mind is this article today in The Australian: Investors could learn from economist John Maynard … Continue reading

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Working versus voting for a living

This is from the NYT and is for a change exactly right: Biden Is the Big Spender America Wants with the sub-heading even more exactly right: “His economic plans are overwhelmingly popular”. The issue is whether people should work for … Continue reading

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The economic consequences of Covid

Voters on the left are only slightly more stupid than the people they vote for. Ten months of lockdown and look what happens: World witnessing greatest rise in inequality on record… Billionaires thriving as poor suffer… Sharpest Rise in Poverty Rate … Continue reading

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