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Humanity students are the new cash cows.

Like many Australians I woke to the news that the federal government had stuck it to the universities. If tearing down statues is the thanks taxpayers get from tipping millions of dollars of subsidies into critical theory courses at university, … Continue reading

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That’s just dumb

The normally sensible Nick Cater is stoking up anti-university sentiment in the Australian this morning: Universities would no doubt deny that overseas students have been taking places from Australians at our best universities, but that is what the numbers suggest. … Continue reading

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Personnel is policy

Despite the grand title and the fancy shmancy “uniform”, a University Chancellor is essentially the chairman of the governing board of our universities. TAFKAS is not certain who actually charters our universities, but suspects that, with the exception of ANU, … Continue reading

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Jim Barber on Australian universities

Jim Barber is a former deputy vice-chancellor at RMIT University. He was brought in by Margaret Gardner to be her right hand man when she became VC in the mid-noughties. Jim is quietly spoken. He was also a very, very … Continue reading

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Virus naughty at the beach but miraculously placid in schools

SO says a convenient non-peer reviewed quicky “report” rushed out to give the country’s governments cover to send children back to their baby-sitters and avoid a generation-derailing curriculum bottleneck. It was cited by ship’s doctor and dinner party investigator, Brendan … Continue reading

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China’s University of Queensland working to expel CCP critic

Administrators have concocted a 186-page charge sheet (which is secret) to get rid of him.

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On hating the universities

From the centre-right: Rather than bleat for a government bailout, university VCs ought to focus on their core business, as taxpayer-funded universities, for Australian students. Janet Albrechtsen From the centre-left: But I’m not sorry for the universities, though I’m among … Continue reading

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Flatten The Nerve

Teachers Urge Government To Reopen Schools Before Students Learn To Think For Themselves — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) March 31, 2020

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Civil disobedience begins

So it turned that the cops can be unleashed on beach-goers. Pubs can be closed and church-going banned. It’s not clear how this is going to be policed: Forget calculus, if my children are forced to stay home amid the … Continue reading

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Education is a credence good

There is a bad idea that comes up time and time again that I’m sure I have argued against before. But there it was, in The Australian this morning: “The current financing system gives universities a large financial incentive to … Continue reading

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