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Are they? Really?

There is a magnificent interview with Greg Craven in the Australian this morning.  There is a lot in it, but this really caught my eye: Professor Craven said the current class of vice-chancellors largely failed to understand the Liberals and … Continue reading

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Career advice bleg

As some Cats may recall No. 2 daughter wants to study computer science. We are now at the pointy end of decision making. In particular, she wants to do computer game design type stuff – and had made a first … Continue reading

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Children come second

An educator will lead our Department of Education. I am proud to nominate Dr. Miguel Cardona to ensure our teachers are taken care of, and our children have an opportunity to thrive. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 23, 2020

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Interesting concession here

Student teachers will be encouraged to sit compulsory literacy and numeracy tests before starting their university degrees following a decision by education ministers aimed at weeding out candidates who may struggle to meet the standard. Source. Well there is the … Continue reading

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Jill of Goods

Joseph Epstein’s WSJ column mocking Jill Biden’s academic credentials sounds fantastic. Cue The Outrage: Northwestern University, in Illinois, has moved to distance itself from Epstein. Epstein, who is now aged in his 80s, was an English lecturer there for 30 … Continue reading

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Veni video vici

Curtin University plans to ditch in-person lectures and exams, even after coronavirus pandemic ends. Western Australia’s Curtin University plans to abolish all face-to-face lectures and replace them with three 15-minute videos a week by the end of next year. A … Continue reading

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RIP: James “The Amazing” Randi

Aged 92, this great man spent his life as a skeptic debunking claims of spoon bending, mind reading, fortune telling, ghost whispering, water dowsing, faith healing, UFO spotting and sundry other forms of “bamboozlement, bunco, chicanery, flimflam, flummery, humbuggery, mountebankery, … Continue reading

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Mentioned in dispatches

The Guardian has published a very nice puff-piece today on the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. There are no suggestions the Blockchain Innovation Hub or any of its researchers have acted improperly or were not entitled to the grants. Ah yes. … Continue reading

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Almost Relentless

An outbreak of the deadly fuck it I’m outta here-itus virus has hit left-wing heroes harder than most: Victorian teachers lodge more WorkCover claims for impacts of coronavirus pandemic than any other profession. Figures provided to the ABC show more … Continue reading

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The world we have lost for the time being

In 1965  the Association of Jewish Refugees launched a ‘Thank-you Britain’ appeal as a token of gratitude from the people who had sought refuge in this country from the oppression of the Nazis. Funds were presented to the British Academy … Continue reading

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