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This is not a chicken and egg problem

Judith Brett – Emeritus Professor of Politics at La Trobe University – has an op-ed in The Age today.  She is singing the praises of humanities degrees and also putting the boot into the Coalition. She is not wrong in … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-scott ‘orders’ MP to behaviour re-education camp

Andrew Laming ordered into empathy training by Scott Morrison after downplaying apology.

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A bit of a blow to formal teaching qualifications

A fake teacher who built his three decade teaching career on a lie has avoided jail after a judge ruled his “excellence” as an educator, made his lie “very difficult to un-tell”. This is the funniest story you’ll read in … Continue reading

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Education cover up

One way to cover up the on-going collapse in schooling standards to to stop reporting the data. Reports sent to parents (in Victoria, at least) are incomprehensible. So you cannot work out how well your child is doing at school. … Continue reading

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Management propaganda

The Australian editorial makes this comment about university vice-chancellors: A first-among-equals scholar with a brilliant research record in some area of micro-specialisation is not necessarily the crafty and ingenious administrator who can make a university prosper in these tough times. … Continue reading

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Denuding Ourselves

Ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.   MANY would regard sycophancy as, in some measure, an antithesis of pride but, in point of fact, it is one of pride’s psychological termini. Christopher … Continue reading

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Uni’s being coerced … by foreigners?

There is a long piece in the AFR today talking about Australian Universities being coerced by foreign governments (basically China). Australian universities, researchers and their families are under threat from foreign states looking to exploit the sector’s open and collaborative … Continue reading

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Are they? Really?

There is a magnificent interview with Greg Craven in the Australian this morning.  There is a lot in it, but this really caught my eye: Professor Craven said the current class of vice-chancellors largely failed to understand the Liberals and … Continue reading

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Career advice bleg

As some Cats may recall No. 2 daughter wants to study computer science. We are now at the pointy end of decision making. In particular, she wants to do computer game design type stuff – and had made a first … Continue reading

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Children come second

An educator will lead our Department of Education. I am proud to nominate Dr. Miguel Cardona to ensure our teachers are taken care of, and our children have an opportunity to thrive. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 23, 2020

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