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Malbanese Party kneecapped

Labor’s primary vote in the NSW Upper Hunter by-election: 20.8 percent. I wouldn’t be rushing to jump to conclusions about this having big implications federally. I mean, it was a state by-election… I don’t accept that paradigm (of divisions over … Continue reading

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Good call still good

What a joke! Barilaro called on me to resign when I was the Liberal Prime Minister of Australia! — Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) May 20, 2021

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Vikki Campion guest post. High stakes in Hunter byelection

AT RISK of plunging the state into minority government, the NSW Upper Hunter byelection has taken hold as the premier political race. Each party knows that in order to win, they must return to pure bloodstock and stop the policy … Continue reading

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Undeniable fact: the 2020 Presidential election was a coup

Michael Anton’s superb essay: The Continuing Crisis: The election and its aftermath.

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US post-election thread IX: We got so tired of winning that we stopped winning

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US post-election thread VIII: It all ends in tears

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US post-election thread VII: Never Surrender

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US post-election thread VI: Until the bitter end

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Patrick Basham (again) on the US election

Writing in the Epoch Times (zero-price registration required): Voter fraud has a long history in U.S. elections. Since the nation’s independence, there have been 1,302 proven cases, resulting in 1,125 criminal convictions. This year’s election is likely to add to those tallies. … Continue reading

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US post-election thread V: Not looking good at SCOTUS

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a last-ditch Republican request to block President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. The court, in a one-sentence order, denied a bid by a Pennsylvania congressman and other Republicans who were pressing an emergency challenge to … Continue reading

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