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The Commonwealth vs. the Lakes Entrance Pony Club

ON Monday, Scott Morrison warned “institutions” that unless they signed on to the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sex Abuse, they would be “named and shamed.” The scheme gives “survivors” the legal right to pursue up to $150,000 in … Continue reading

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Murph the Modeller leaves world’s easiest pandemic gig

Murphy leaves CMO role, warning borders could remain closed until vaccine is developed.   No, it was designed to really just show what might happen if we did nothing — not that we were ever going to do nothing.” – … Continue reading

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Everything that goes wrong for us is somebody else’s fault

Sportsbet made to refund customer who created account despite being on ‘self-exclusion’ list. I just wanted to make them accountable because this had a very, very bad impact on me and my family.” – Degenerate gambler “Mr XXXX” has a … Continue reading

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VicPol officers respond to ‘free donuts for capitulation’ offer

Now, I genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament but not anything or anyone else in this world. That’s just me. A commissioner with standards would sack these three porkers immediately for disgracing the uniform. Michael Smith News via One Old Bruce.

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Jeremy Corbyn now in hiding

England will now ‘presume consent’ to harvest organs of those declared dead.   Britons now belong to the state, body and soul. And while London’s remaining natives bang on pots and pans to ward off evil spirits, monotheists are moving … Continue reading

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The Ann-Marie Smith outrage

 Somebody has to be jailed – and that somebody works for the government                                      IS Tasmanian disability advocate Jane Wardlaw right when she says the death of Adelaide woman Ann-Marie Smith is a “very good example of how as a nation … Continue reading

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Fearmonger officials and the media kill tens of thousands

HENPECKED to “protect the NHS” – one of the dumbest, most inhumane goals in medical history – thousands of sick Britons stopped visiting A&Es and their doctors. As a direct corollary, many of them are now dead. The British Medical … Continue reading

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The Young Disgrace

MY thanks to Twostix – site master of every PR scam on the go surrounding the phony war on coronavirus – for alerting me earlier today to Dr Jeannette Young’s admission that she mum-lied to the Queensland public about the … Continue reading

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Coronavirus ‘emergency’ turns medicine into witchcraft

Why not just hang skulls and other voodoo warnings on the front fences of Queensland schools? WTF!!!! — Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO (@nyunggai) May 14, 2020   As for the “gravity of the situation,” nobody but the clinically vulnerable has … Continue reading

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Back door man Ferguson didn’t just do it to the world economy

 Disgraced boffin’s bit on the side                                                                                                         The scientist whose doomsday coronavirus advice prompted Boris Johnson to lock down Britain has been forced to resign after he broke social distancing rules to maintain a romantic tryst with a married woman. Imperial … Continue reading

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