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Rudd and Turnbull on News Corp: Worth a second look?

GOING out on a limb here, I know, but I doubt The Australian’s Jess Malcolm – or, indeed, anyone else writing virus porn for the now lunar News Corp – has ever had to manhandle a refrigerator or a wardrobe … Continue reading

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Brendan Murphy: all of the nation’s political leaders are lying

As a genuinely overwrought Gladys Berejiklian declares she just can’t cope… Health Department chief Brendan Murphy claims lockdowns and vaccination rates not linked. Health Department Secretary Brendan Murphy has claimed the nation’s current spate of Covid-19 lockdowns would not have … Continue reading

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Sad: Former high roller now playing the sawdust joints

We're so used to U.S. conservatives denying climate change & democracy and hugging Rupert Murdoch, we forget not all conservatives are like that. Check out my fascinating interview with conservative ex-Australian prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm tonight on @peacockTV from 7pm ET: … Continue reading

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On second thoughts, the old are pretty expendable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just one serious COVID patient in Israel is both vaccinated and under 60. Only one of 61 Israelis hospitalized with COVID in serious condition is a fully vaccinated individual under the age of 60, Channel 12 news reported Sunday, citing … Continue reading

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Their own mediocrity?

Making Ms Represented revealed Australian women in Parliament have one shocking experience in common.

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LoCo, ELMO & PevO

With Delta doing a Desmond Doss and refusing to kill, The Australian diversifies the scare: A rort is born: Brain fog and tinnitus among 200 symptoms of long Covid. The study, in the EClinicalMedicine journal published by The Lancet, involved … Continue reading

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The ABC’s Olson and Marsh ‘report’ the US is now “stable”

Trump is mentioned (critically, of course) 22 times. Biden is mentioned twice. Trump won.

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Not even the clinically obese

“The images… come with a grave warning: no one is immune from NSW’s COVID-19 crisis.” Harrowing images reveal fight for life in Sydney COVID hospital — ABC News (@abcnews) July 14, 2021

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Woke News Corp is now Branch Covidian’s top compound

“Our” health hasn’t been put “at risk” by either larrikin Aussies or the feeble coronavirus.

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A big call but I’m making it…

Laura Tingle is Dill of the Day: The bringing forward of millions of Pfizer vaccine doses last week followed a back channels intervention eight days earlier by a high-powered network which included a senior business figure despairing of the government’s … Continue reading

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