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The most hilarious anti-Trump “fact check” ever

 This is real                                                                                                                                           Wash Post really ran this. (HT @ProfDBernstein ) — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) June 27, 2020

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Murph the Modeller leaves world’s easiest pandemic gig

Murphy leaves CMO role, warning borders could remain closed until vaccine is developed.   No, it was designed to really just show what might happen if we did nothing — not that we were ever going to do nothing.” – … Continue reading

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Risible ‘Racism’

Noose found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage was a door cord that had been there since October, FBI says. The FBI says no-one will be charged over the discovery of a noose in a garage used by black NASCAR … Continue reading

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Adam’s Grapple

THE media is trying to make Canadian indian ‘chief’ Allan Adam the new George Floyd – notwithstanding that he’s alive and well. Even by the ABC’s standards, this description of what happened is so utterly dishonest that it would be … Continue reading

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As hordes of left-wing extremists illegally take to the streets – risking the lives of thousands (courts and experts say) …

… ASIO springs into oddly-timed action to warn of the danger posed to Australia by the “far right.” COVID-19 restrictions are being exploited by extreme right-wing narratives that paint the state as oppressive, and globalisation and democracy as flawed and … Continue reading

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On Black Deaths In Custody and Rollo Tomasi

“Amy McQuire has written one of the most powerful sentences in Australia’s history. A few sentences rival it. None surpass it. It is a masterpiece of meaning.” – Melbourne barrister Julian McMahon lays it on with a trowel.   IT … Continue reading

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NSW government responsible for Blue Mountains disaster

The brown skies I observed in the Blue Mountains this week are a product of human-caused climate change.” – Back in January, catastrophist Michael Mann wrote an article for The Guardian from the burning Blue Mountains.   Except no they … Continue reading

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Pudding Lane Theory

THE ABC’s state political reporter Allyson Horn does not want Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk blamed for the Nathan Turner debacle. She argues the fire of controversy that engulfed the Blackwater man’s negative COVID-19 status this week took hold because “the information … Continue reading

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The Lancet retracts anti-hydroxychloroquine paper

WAS a deliberately fraudulent “peer-reviewed” “study” rushed into print to score a political win against Donald Trump? It seems that’s part of the story in what has become the latest academic fraud perpetrated on, or by, the Lancet, a once … Continue reading

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Four Corners reporter: terrorists are “mums and dads,” golfers

Donald Trump calls them terrorists, but… They are mums and dads, blue-collar workers and students, people from different backgrounds who believe they are standing up for the voiceless and marginalised in America at a time when those groups are under … Continue reading

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