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Sure, Joe Biden took bribes from China and Ukraine but…

Trump ordered malts during a classified intelligence briefing: report. President Trump once ordered malts during a highly classified briefing on Afghanistan in an incident that has become a legend within the CIA, according to a report by Politico. Just a … Continue reading

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Remember Rudi Giuliani is a grub

This news is breaking in the US: Rudy Giuliani announced Wednesday that he turned the hard drive reportedly left abandoned by Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, at a Delaware repair shop over to State Police due … Continue reading

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Betrayed woman is emotionally inconsistent about her ex

Thanks for the scoop, Yoni. Gladys Berejiklian has said former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire “wasn’t my boyfriend” or “anything of note”, just one day after conceding she was in love with him and considered the prospect of marriage. — … Continue reading

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Hey, Sarah: Follow The Money

AUSTRALIA’S own Miranda Devine took point for the New York Post on Tucker Carlson last night (video from 11:13) to talk about the biggest story in the world. Which was, of course, ignored in her own country. Two years ago, … Continue reading

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Doctors Warn

  Via PJW. This just in: CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks.   This week we’ve learned that not only are lockdowns and masks epidemiologically useless but they kill people.

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Light Supremacist

Washington Post/Reuters: Alleged Whitmer ‘kidnap’ plotter Daniel Harris a Black Lives Matter protester.

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What about male obstetricians, Annabel? Can they deliver?

Can a Budget shaped by male leaders hope to deliver for women hit hardest by this recession?

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Congressman Steve Scalise couldn’t be reached for comment

Democrats Blame Trump Rhetoric For Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot.   Over the past 72 hours, the nervous state of Democrats has deteriorated markedly. Donald Trump’s humiliation of the gay coronavirus and Mike Pence’s effortless victory over a smirking and flummoxed … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Mike Pence was the clear winner of today’s debate

Cameron Stewart in The Australian: “…there was no clear winner or loser.” (Via Tom).

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Fresh from bitch-slapping virus, Trump crushes Russia Hoax

AND it’s only Wednesday. This has become a red-letter week in US politics and a humiliating one for the media. The biggest scandal in American history will now have yet more words of obloquy and refutation chiselled on its headstone … Continue reading

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