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Promoting “hatred, division and madness”

Went looking for the source of CurrencyLad’s story on Craig Kelly and found this. There really are some fruit loops out there. Malcolm Turnbull slams Murdoch media for sowing ‘hatred, division and madness’ Malcolm Turnbull has blamed Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and … Continue reading

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Australia’s Nazi community deserves an apology

Outrage warranted over Liberal MP’s hurtful comparison: Craig Kelly has accused Daniel Andrews of being a Nazi.” – Shadow health minister, Chris Bowen, wants Mr Kelly called to heel by the Prime Minister.

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The dumbest burial of a lede on Federal politics in 2020

First, a background briefing: ⁎ ABC: This letter reveals everything you need to know about the Liberal Party’s problem with women. ⁎ Judith Ireland: The Liberals no longer have a woman problem, they have a catastrophe. ⁎ Jacqueline Maley: The … Continue reading

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Tammy Wynette reporters stand by their Dan

BUT as Steve noted last night, their warbling didn’t deter Josh Frydenberg from arriving with a baseball bat of truth and throwing it around like Babe Ruth – or perhaps like Al Capone in The Untouchables. Teamwork. Well said, Treasurer. … Continue reading

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What about male obstetricians, Annabel? Can they deliver?

Can a Budget shaped by male leaders hope to deliver for women hit hardest by this recession?

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White Woman’s Burden

Who will pick our cotton? Who will make our Nikes? Who will drive our cabs? Who will collect our garbage? Who will look after the children? Spot-on analysis as usual from @annabelcrabb Budget 2020 is big, loud and splashy — … Continue reading

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We are a mere $872 billion in debt

Rough and ready that’s about $34,000 each.

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The ABC is being cut … well sort of.

This is almost good news. Here is the breakdown of public broadcasting spending from last years budget. As you can see the ABC is just over a billion dollar spend each year. That is broken up into operational spending and … Continue reading

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Budget Speech: 2020-21

Mr. Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. In 2020, Australians have been tested like never before. Flood, drought, fires, and a global pandemic. So many Australians, through no fault of their own, are doing … Continue reading

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Budget 20-21 Open Forum

Receipts and spending. So lets zoom into the past decade. The unbroken blue line is Receipts and the unbroken red line is Payments. The dashed blue line is the average receipts over the period 1970 to 2019 and that dashed … Continue reading

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