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All That Fritters Is Not Gold

No wonder Albo is busy cleaning out the ALP stables. Has he started measuring up the curtains at The Lodge? Albo may be the ultimate Stephen Bradbury PM.” – Egg

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Scotty From Surrendering

#BREAKING: The federal Coalition has slumped to its lowest electoral position this term as voters lose confidence in Scott Morrison’s management of the pandemic #Newspoll #auspoI #ausvotes — The Australian (@australian) July 18, 2021   An Antifa effect now … Continue reading

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Landmark column: Alan Jones warns PM he’s close to toast

“This started with the failure of the Prime Minister to get into the ring on critical issues.”

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Apart From That

                    Peter Dutton backs national Covid-19 lottery as a ‘great idea’. The only two flaws which the company has identified is they need regulation approval and someone to pay for it. So apart from that, it seems like a sound proposal.” … Continue reading

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Similar to the NBN, then, is it?

This is a real dinkum Government ad: Is it true? Can COVID-19 vaccines connect me to the internet? Is it true? Can COVID-19 vaccines connect me to the internet? COVID-19 vaccines do not – and cannot – connect you to … Continue reading

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Whole Lotta Scotty

Julia Banks says her three months under Scott Morrison were ‘gut-wrenching’.

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🎶 They call him Flippant, Flippant, faster than lightning…♬

Former Liberal MP Julia Banks has alleged she was subjected to an unwanted sexual advance at work from a cabinet minister in the Turnbull government, and warned that similar inappropriate touching by other men is probably happening “every single day … Continue reading

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The Love-Child of Jack McEwen and Matt Kean

A huge con is afoot on the ‘conservative’ side of the parliamentary aisle but most LNP supporters probably haven’t noticed or, if they have, they no longer care. Or maybe it’s impossible nowadays to differentiate governance from what health bureaucrats … Continue reading

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Two traditional assassination methods showcased in one day

Barnaby Joyce new leader of Nationals after defeating Michael McCormack in spill. Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young announced as next Queensland governor.

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Bent Messaging

Memories of dear Dad trying to convince me the blackening bananas were “still good for you”: The federal government is promising a supply of two million Pfizer doses each week from the start of October, a development that means every … Continue reading

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