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Millionaires Outraged

Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd unite to pressure Scott Morrison on superannuation guarantee increase.

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He’s Alive!

Paul Keating slams Morrison Government for lack of scrutiny over early release of super.   FOR some time I’ve been concerned about the well-being – and, indeed, whereabouts – of former Treasurer and short-term prime minister Paul Keating. China’s most … Continue reading

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How does that slippery slope work?

So yesterday on the way home I was listening to Melbourne ABC radio.* They were interviewing Dr Bronwyn King (an oncologist) from Tobacco Free Portfolios. It was only during a meeting with a representative of her superannuation fund in 2010 that Bronwyn … Continue reading

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Nationalise Super?

Alan Kohler has cashed in the franchise with a piece in the Australian today advocating that Super be nationalised. Superannuation is the only product where choice and competition are not only completely pointless, they are counter-productive. That’s because choice and … Continue reading

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Plenty of places to go

It turns out the government knew that its Super policy announced in the budget would be unpopular: A spokesman confirmed the government knew when it put the budget together there would be a backlash over the measures, especially from its … Continue reading

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Retrospectivity is the new black

I spent the weekend in Sydney at the 4th Annual Friedman Conference talking to a lot people – but mostly about just one thing. Just how bad the Turnbull government’s retrospective superannuation changes were. Opinion varied from: “Yes, it is … Continue reading

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Is “already” past tense or future tense?

So here is an entire paragraph in The Guardian that can’t be faulted: The Coalition should pull their socks up. And Labor should be ashamed. Isn’t that always true? Okay the rest of the article isn’t good. The argument being … Continue reading

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There will be no Super tax increase under a government I lead

Just to remind ourselves: One of my favourite YouTube clips of all time. Well here is the updated version: Update: Now defunct Liberal advert.

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Them’s fighting words

Niki Savva in The Australian: Bleating baby boomers with $1.6 million in the kitty may not be many in number, or attract sympathy from the remaining 99 per cent of voters, but they are loaded and fired-up, despite repeated assurances … Continue reading

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There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the IPA

Here is Jennifer Hewett writing in the AFR: Malcolm Turnbull insists it’s “very, very clear” that the Government’s proposed changes to superannuation are not retrospective at all. Actually, there’s absolutely nothing about super that is very, very clear – certainly … Continue reading

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