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He’s right. Al Sharpton is right. That hurt.

A Ban on Menthol Cigs Will Lead to More Confrontations Between Black People and Police.

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“…the Nazis appear to be trading Gamestop and AMC…”

In the future present, everyone will have their 15 minutes of being Hitler… The #GameStop saga has taught us that "hate speech" is just an excuse for technocratic elites to silence & blockade their — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) … Continue reading

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Frydenberg on behavioural responses

I avoid needlessly giving money to the government by adhering to the speed limit, stopping at red lights, parking in allocated parking spaces, and so on. I avoid late fees on my bills by paying on time. In short, being … Continue reading

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Did we or did we not have a recession?

From Recession ends but not pain from the Herald Sun today. Except the question is, do these moron modern economists think we have even been in a recession since the definition is two consecutive quarters of negative growth? I’m afraid, … Continue reading

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What the American election is about

The election, in spite of the media, the Russian collusion story, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment at the start of the year, the criminal conspiracy by the upper levels of American security agencies would not even be close were it … Continue reading

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Joyce no longer wants to finance the lemon he awokenated

Cold and richly deserved: Qantas dumps Wallabies as part of broader sponsorship shakeup.

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Belt up, Dan, and hit the road, you communist fool

Every so often you come across something so revealing that there is little more to add once you have seen it. In yesterday’s Herald-Sun there was an article titled, “China Backs Dan deal”. Of course it does, but this is … Continue reading

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Open letter to Australians

It is long over-due that the Australian government stops sabotaging the Australian economy. Mel Silva – Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand lets them know. ~*~ We need to let you know about new Government regulation that will … Continue reading

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Cops swarm to “patrol social distancing” at doughnut giveaway

Uh-huh. Coronavirus fears as Krispy Kreme offer attracts large number of people across NSW.. The Krispy Kreme chain ran a giveaway offering a dozen doughnuts free to anyone who had a birthday between mid-March and mid-July, to celebrate the company’s … Continue reading

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Kristi Noem for president (in 2024)

And Tom Cotton for VP. Watch it through. If you start, you will get to the end, and it is half an hour long. She gets it in a way almost no one else does, other than Donald Trump. And … Continue reading

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