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Support Facebook

Now I realise that many haters hate Facebook – Fascistbook one person called it when I was singing the praises of  their currency Libra – but right now they are making a spirited defence of free speech. Jim Steyer, the … Continue reading

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Parler liberté

There is now an alternative to Twitter: Liberal Media Sure Are Obsessed With Villifying #Parler As Alternative To Twitter. I’ve joined up and we shall see how many others do as well. “A whopping 500,000 users [including Legal Insurrection] signed … Continue reading

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Woman Told

Labor senator pulls ‘all lives matter’ post after social media backlash.   A Tasmanian Labor senator has apologised for reposting an “all lives matter” image to social media, saying it was “careless and insensitive”. Helen Polley sparked outrage on Sunday … Continue reading

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The culture wars have stepped up a notch.

I have been enjoying watching Donald Trump tell the world on Twitter that Twitter itself is stifling free speech. The irony is delicious. Twitter struck back by ‘fact-checking’ some of Trump’s tweets. Now we all know that ‘fact-checking’ is a … Continue reading

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BP boss finds out he just lost the Hitler meme case

 Mein Führer … Steiner …                                                                                                                    A BP refinery worker sacked for mocking the company’s approach to bargaining over pay through a popular Hitler meme has had a decisive win after the company took the case all the way to the … Continue reading

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China’s University of Queensland working to expel CCP critic

Administrators have concocted a 186-page charge sheet (which is secret) to get rid of him.

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The C Was Angry That Day, My Friends

SPIRITS combative and fractious descended on Catallaxy’s usually Algonquin Round Table-esque Open Forum yesterday. The topic was, of course, coronavirus – a topic so excruciatingly inescapable it’s like binge-enduring 20 years of climate change Q&As in one evening. No surprise … Continue reading

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Maddock’s Law

The UK: Coronavirus: people across the UK play music and clap for carers – video. The US: Armed protesters demand an end to Michigan’s lockdown orders – video. Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when … Continue reading

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Communists Carted

A huffing, puffing PRC came at the Telegraph last week from a long run-up. In the civilised world, ‘Bradman bats and bats and bats’ is a famous newspaper banner: In Wuhan, it’s the name of a restaurant.” – Tim Blair … Continue reading

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Cave Won’t

I’VE never been a big fan of the Cave oeuvre but his aggressive rejection of the anti-Israel BDS movement (led in the music world by lunar bore, Roger Waters) and his latest thoughts on woke strictures targeting both new and … Continue reading

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