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ABC now monitoring lockdown opinions, NSW Liberal joins in

Mr Crouch described the posts as “galling” and “beyond the pale”.  

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One man’s joke is another man’s thought crime

Dealing with people of the left as I am sometimes compelled to do, the most astonishing characteristic is how humourless they invariably are. And they believe the most astonishingly absurd things, like global warming or that the American election last … Continue reading

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Facts pillowed

EARLIER this evening, areff directed my attention to this Twitter thread wherein various luvvies – some of them Australia Council bin chickens – gas-light and condemn Naomi Wolf for becoming a catechumen of reality. An equally instructive lament is one … Continue reading

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Red alert, Newspeak warning

Recent developments have turbocharged the process that George Orwell described a generation ago when modes of speech were coming into use to make thoughts of freedom unspeakable and ultimately unthinkable. Read his appendix to 1984 and be warned.  See in … Continue reading

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Genetic Pain

                   Prince Harry: America’s free speech protection is ‘bonkers.’

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Donald Trump’s new media platform

Promo video posted on Trump’s website for his newly announced platform. #DJTD — Zachery Henry (@zhenryaz) May 4, 2021 This is Donald Trump’s media platform: The story is told here. He has a video on the platform that leads … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas puts a shot across Big Tech’s bow

THE United States Supreme Court has vacated a 2019 decision of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that Donald Trump had violated the Constitution by blocking critics on Twitter. The briefly upheld argument was that tweets authored by the nation’s … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-scott ‘orders’ MP to behaviour re-education camp

Andrew Laming ordered into empathy training by Scott Morrison after downplaying apology.

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Peter Ridd on freedom of speech in the universities

An important contribution to the debate.  The University of Sydney has treated Education Minister Alan Tudge with complete contempt within hours of the Higher Education Support Amendment (Freedom of Speech) Bill 2020 passing through parliament this month. It did so … Continue reading

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Lionel Shriver. How the west has lost the moral high ground

AND HOW QUICKLY IT HAPPENED A few short years ago we might have offered the people of China an example of a culture that generated unprecedented internal peace, freedom and prosperity for the citizens. No longer the case. Read Lionel … Continue reading

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