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Maddock’s Law

The UK: Coronavirus: people across the UK play music and clap for carers – video. The US: Armed protesters demand an end to Michigan’s lockdown orders – video. Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when … Continue reading

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Communists Carted

A huffing, puffing PRC came at the Telegraph last week from a long run-up. In the civilised world, ‘Bradman bats and bats and bats’ is a famous newspaper banner: In Wuhan, it’s the name of a restaurant.” – Tim Blair … Continue reading

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Cave Won’t

I’VE never been a big fan of the Cave oeuvre but his aggressive rejection of the anti-Israel BDS movement (led in the music world by lunar bore, Roger Waters) and his latest thoughts on woke strictures targeting both new and … Continue reading

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Corporate overreach

Two instances of employment law have caught my eye in the last week: The boss of BHP has said he won’t tolerate crude joke-telling at work despite the workplace authority deciding the mining giant unfairly sacked a worker for being … Continue reading

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They are coming for you

There is an interesting story breaking in the UK: Trevor Phillips, the former head of Britain’s equalities watchdog, has been suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of Islamophobia, The Times can disclose. A pioneering anti-racism campaigner, Mr Phillips, 66, now faces … Continue reading

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What is the difference between the Liberal Party and the University of Sydney?

On Sky News last night: The federal government will look to stamp out ‘cancel culture’ at universities after libertarian groups voiced concerns about the erosion of free speech on campuses. … A number of reviews handed down to the government … Continue reading

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Shut up, bitch, or else. DV hobbyists ramp up “strip” calls

The Governor-General has now referred requests to “strip” Bettina Arndt to the Australia Day Council.

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Hate sites on the internet

Yesterday I flew through Auckland on my way home and decided to catch up on what had been happening in Australia. So after reading through the papers I began checking out the blogs. Turns out New Zealand runs a nanny … Continue reading

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Too late to support IPA Climate Change book but there is still Project Hope!

Subscriptions have closed for Climate Change: The Facts 2020 and the good news is that you can still signal virtue by supporting campus coordinators. I have set a good example by double-dipping! Project Hope is a  pushback against the left on campus … Continue reading

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Another Stephen Hicks event in Melbourne 12 March

HOW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS SHAPING YOUR WORLD $15 discount code for Cats  catallaxy Stephen is a libertarian philosopher and economist (with Austrian leanings).  Postmodernism is one of his specialties and another is entreprenership. He will explore the ideological roots of … Continue reading

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