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Vaping and combustible cigarettes are substitutes

Late last year I pointed out that the so-called gateway from vaping to combustible cigarettes was based on dodgy statistics. Nonetheless the Australian government remains committed to vaping being outlawed – or only available under prescription. In the meantime the … Continue reading

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Most COVID fines to be dropped

The Age is reporting the news – unsurprising and welcome … yet still problematic. Police officers who issued fines for breaches of COVID-19 restrictions have been instructed to hand out cautions for unpaid infringements rather than proceed with charges in … Continue reading

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Australia on the lamb, 2021

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Big Tech’s kristallnacht

Apple, Amazon, Google ban social media platform Parler. UPDATE: Kristina Keneally launches bizarre Tweet-storm about Parler. She links it all to Scott Morrison.

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“My own mudder won’t let me go to the pub”

She sold out Daddy along the way but, hey, whatever it takes for this noble cause. In the end, I was convinced.

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President Trump: the state has no authority over religious belief

Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket. Meddlesome nuns: Biden’s Pick for HHS secretary sued Little Sisters of the Poor.

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So … you thought Australia was a free country?

The fact that you can go out is a privilege, and it should be respected in an appropriate way, in accordance with the government’s requirements. Brad Hazzard – NSW Health Minister. As HB Bear says, I look forward to things … Continue reading

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“Maverick is scared of the Chinese communists”

WACKO Tom Cruise may be a macho man when it comes to abusing the powerless. For the Chinese Communist Party, however – an outfit very much like Scientology – Cruise folds quicker than one of his green-screen beard marriages. Watch … Continue reading

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Liberty quotes + windwatch

Liberty Quote. Government now penetrates almost every institution in society and through its vast money power has already corroded our federal system and our public debate. Few will speak against the government of the day for fear of loss of … Continue reading

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Blabbermouth pope suddenly buttons his lip for China

Jimmy Lai is Hong Kong’s most prominent Catholic. As far as Francis is concerned, he’s on his own.

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