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Three options for political change

I’m summarising my current understanding below. There are effectively three options for change: 1. A single party in which a number of small parties (which are basically breakaways from the illiberal Liberal Party) unite behind a single leader and offer Australia an alternative … Continue reading

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Alabama’s Bull Connor: Do you know what his job title was?

Commissioner of Public Safety. We can all argue the merits or otherwise of various approaches to managing transmission, but let’s not pretend that ‘marching for freedom’ will actually deliver the precious freedom that we all need and desire.” – By … Continue reading

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No longer a free country

He’s a Scotsman along the lines of Adam Smith. Neil Oliver: “So here we are again, on the threshold of another day called Freedom…I don’t know about you, but I’m more inclined to call it Groundhog Day.” Plus this: The … Continue reading

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Hyman Roth did a far better job

Never forget the US left’s disgusting love affair with the Castro regime. Upon Fidel’s death in 2016, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his “deep sorrow” at the death of “Cuba’s longest serving president” (when a president jails his opponents, … Continue reading

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Competing visions

Techno-Feudalism (non-paywall version here): This is how capitalism ends: not with a revolutionary bang, but with an evolutionary whimper. Just as it displaced feudalism gradually, surreptitiously, until one day the bulk of human relations were market-based and feudalism was swept … Continue reading

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And what role is the media playing in promoting fear and misinformation?

They lock us in our homes and threaten to leave us there until we take an untried non-vaccine and then describe letting us out of the homes we have been locked into as “freedom”. This is a “deadly, invisible enemy” … Continue reading

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There are no vaccines against idiocy

The photo is from an article by a Canadian author, David Solway, one of the very best there is, found on an international website unrelated to Australia, other than it occasionally features Peter Smith who does live in Sydney. The … Continue reading

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Peter Hitchens on the slow death of freedom

The words that come with the video: In a hard-hitting interview, Peter Hitchens argues that through Covid we have surrendered our liberty to the state, perhaps irretrievably. As we approach the promised full unlocking of the UK on June 21st, … Continue reading

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No ruling class in history ever sacrificed others so heroically

“It’s certainly the case that some kids can be traumatised by these experiences but they’re still only in the minority. That doesn’t mean there aren’t families who have been through a very, very difficult time. But on the other hand, … Continue reading

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To regain sovereignty, the choice for the true-blue is clear

Ignore Pol Scott. Don’t get ‘vaccinated.’ We’ll have to Rat o’ Tobruk governments until they give in.

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