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Pay up

Men Demand Reparations From Women Due To Eve Eating The Apple — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) April 16, 2021

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Thank you, Catherine McGregor

This fusillade is superb. Read it all. Keep your tears to yourself, Mr Morrison. Defend our men.

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“…we may never recover our standing as free citizens…”

Adam Wagner: Taking liberties: Covid-19 and the anatomy of a constitutional catastrophe.

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Another prong of the liberation strategy for Australia: holding public servants to account

I’m sure none of us pays many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to senior civil servants in order to promote lies and falsehoods, and to avoid their professional obligation to follow the laws. But that’s precisely what the … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn speaks to Polish scourge of virus Nazis

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V-J Day

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Home of the scared and land of the compliant

A security fence topped with razor wire surrounds the US Capitol in Washington. Is this the best journalist in Australia, the one who wrote this: Plague panic chills reason and chokes liberalism. Who else says anything like this anywhere? Once … Continue reading

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“Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever”

Naomi Wolf! AND NOW THIS AS WELL: From CNN “Expert” – Government should give you freedom only if you get the COVID vaccine Well, this is wild. — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) April 1, 2021 This is what Naomi Wolf … Continue reading

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There are solutions to this problem

If quota is the buzzword of the week, then I would argue this. What we need in Parliament is a quota of normal people. Is it too much to ask our politicians to act like reasonable and decent human beings? … Continue reading

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Let’s Give It Back

Controlled implosion and a few graders. Plant a memorial garden to democracy on the resulting hill. Allow the sheep to graze there once more.” – Calli has an elegant solution to the problems at Parliament House

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