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Melbourne Cats – Tony Thomas book launch. Come out while you can, if you can

Our celebrated colleague Tony Thomas has struck another blow against the forces of darkness. No not Collingwood. FOOTSOLDIER IN THE CULTURE WAR   And don’t miss his latest blow in the war A Teacher’s Guide to Miseducating the Young. The … Continue reading

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Ultimate Rogue Trooper bundle

Nu-Earth – a poisoned planet ravaged by war. Across the battle-scarred landscape stalks a solitary figure, the last of his kind, the disembodied digital personalities of his dead comrades his only company. He is the Rogue Trooper! The Ultimate Rogue Trooper … Continue reading

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Re-defeat Communism: The ATA is hiring

With the exponential growth of the The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and how critical it is that Australia gets its policy settings right in the post-pandemic era, we are now looking for a talented, driven, detail oriented and experienced individual to … Continue reading

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Reopen Mt Warning

Some locals around Mt Warning in northern NSW have put together this E-petition to NSW Parliament to try and save the wonderful summit walk from being banned by the state National Parks Bureaucracy. Any support from free thinking bushwalking or couch … Continue reading

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A glimpse of the future if Donald Trump loses

A possible future from the pen of Leo Champion. Hot off the press, published 15 minutes ago. In the late twenty-second century, civilized society has migrated into towering networks of arcology-skyscrapers – urbanization taken to its logical extreme and controlled … Continue reading

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Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

Craig Emerson has written a job application in the AFR this morning: Leading epidemiologists in Australia and overseas have begun expressing optimism that an effective vaccine for COVID-19 might be available by the end of the year. Economic forecasters implicitly have been … Continue reading

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The economic crisis is still to come

I have an op-ed in The Age this morning (ungated version here): The economy is already broken. Devastated. The economic crisis is still to come. Realise this: in 2008-09 the government spent tens of billions of dollars keeping the economy … Continue reading

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Go Fund Peter Ridd

A message from Peter Ridd on his GoFundMe page: We have had a setback, but my lawyers have carefully gone over the judgement, and believe there are numerous strong grounds for appeal to the High Court of Australia.  We are … Continue reading

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Coming soon to all good book sellers

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Another Champion on the beat

One of the pure pleasures I enjoy from knowing so many authors is that I get to read a lot of great stories. When Leo Champion asked me to read his novel, Warlord of New York City, I was delighted … Continue reading

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