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Vikki Campion guest post. Cancel Culture the real rat

RODENTS may be plaguing the east of Australia where frost and cannibalism will eventually mollify their numbers, but it’s the real rats in our media and online doing more damage. They have taken control of the narrative and they have … Continue reading

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Guest post. Vikki Campion, lest we forget

Tomorrow is the first Anzac Day we have been allowed to attend since 2019, where last year we watched dawn break from our driveways, and on its eve, the Prime Minister and Defence Minister Peter Dutton announced a Royal Commission … Continue reading

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Bill Muehlenberg – Vaccine Passports, Big Brother, and Second-Class Citizens

Why is it that Hollywood can sometimes get things right while our political class does not? Specifically, it seems that some movie makers may be far more prescient and perceptive when it comes to possible dangers that lie ahead than … Continue reading

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Muddy – Primal

The original human intra-species violence was between females competing for resources. The prime resource was a strong male who could not only provide food, but also physical protection. For a female without such a resource, one means of gaining the … Continue reading

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Vikki Campion guest post. High stakes in Hunter byelection

AT RISK of plunging the state into minority government, the NSW Upper Hunter byelection has taken hold as the premier political race. Each party knows that in order to win, they must return to pure bloodstock and stop the policy … Continue reading

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Speedbox: Covid roulette – Australia lost

In the world of covid roulette, there are three broad choices in dealing with the disease. The first choice is the ‘do nothing’ and let the disease roll through your population.  Kind of like the Swedish model which is a … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup guest post. Vaccinate or Perish!

As Australia’s vaccination plan descends further into farce it seems, to me at least, that it is all a monstrous waste of money when the numbers are examined. I have posted a couple of things regarding the “virus” before and … Continue reading

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Peter Campion guest post. A few plain words

The Editor  The Cairns Post  Sorry, but this “pandemic” has been complete, total and utter bullsugar. It’s been pushed by the same CCP-owned, UN-based, tax-exempt, global-socialist, totalitarian elite that push all the other useless, destructive, anti-family, anti-Western, anti-capitalist hoaxes and scams, which … Continue reading

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Vikki Campion guest post. Ministry of tokenism

MINISTRY OF TOKENISM AND SELF-OBSESSION (#ME TOO) With seven of nine suicides each day being male, where is our Minister for Men? If the scales are tipped so profoundly to male benefit that we need 12 ministers for women in … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Convince me it’s different here

John ‘Grumpy Economist’ Cochrane – ex Chicago, now at Hoover (see the link in the sidebar) – has had a series of good posts on the policies of the new administration the US, which are seeing the rapid roll-out of … Continue reading

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