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Guest post: Problems on the Brereton Inquiry front

Post-script Preamble I wrote the opinion piece below a month before the release of the Brereton Report.  The language is harsh and unforgiving, but offers the best expression of my values I could muster.  In the aftermath of last week’s … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: The Devil always lurks in the detail

For the last four decades (at least) governments and political activists of left and right have cavilled at ‘white collar crime’.  On the Left, the complaint was that only the poor, working class or ‘Othered’ attracted the attention of the … Continue reading

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Paul Rogers on the Victorian Hotel Quarantine Debacle

This post is from Paul Rogers  who posted a three part analysis of the Victorian hotel quarantine debacle on his LinkedIn page (I, II, III). Reproduced here (with very light editing) with permission. Thank you Paul. Paul Rogers is a … Continue reading

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Jupes: The disgraceful Brereton Report

The release of prisoners they had risked their lives to capture is but one example,” he said. “They were understandably frustrated that while they had to fight within the confines of international law and their own rules of engagement, the … Continue reading

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Min: Wooed with weasel words

Victorians, mainly Melburnians were in lockdown, apart from a brief few weeks in July, since March this year. For weeks we had been in stage 4 that kept us confined to home , allowed out for one hour a day … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Low-cost COVID testing

One of the less inspiring aspects of the Covid-19 experience has been the rapid resort to orthodoxies.  In one tribe we see ‘lock down for the common good forever (I stand with Dan)’; for another ‘anyone who wears a facemask … Continue reading

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Brian Gladish guest post from the US. A Guess at Our Future

From his blog The Radical Liberal. This morning, in his remarks on Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week, David Westin said the following. As the polls continue to move in the Democrats’ direction, markets seem to get more comfortable with a Biden … Continue reading

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Rohan: A poll that’s too good to be true?

I wanted to write this after Steve Kates lamented why the Essential poll showed 61% support of Dan Andrews, in his The Melbourne Syndrome Revisited post. I said at the time something along the lines of, the polls are manipulated … Continue reading

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Frolicking Mole: Mole’s modest proposal

Everyone is aware we have entered uncharted waters as far as government debt is concerned. The missing piece is the incredible wave which is about to hit once companies are no longer allowed to trade insolvent, rents become due and … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Samuel Brittan

Two generations ago, political Keynesianism, the idea that governments could successfully manipulate the economic ‘levers’ of monetary, fiscal, capital account and trade policies to optimise social well-being by maximising economic output was the norm.  As critical writers from the Public … Continue reading

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