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Thousands killed in 2020-21 thanks to far-left hate-mongering

Tech giants ramp up efforts to stop proliferation of far-right material online.  

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Sarah Crowd-Control

South Australian police give an exemption to allow the #blacklivesmatteraustralia rally in Adelaide tomorrow to go ahead. Meanwhile in NSW the Government is taking its own citizens to court to stop peaceful protest. What the?!(Proud & thankful for being a … Continue reading

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While Joe Blow in Cooktown scans himself into a bait shop…

Annastacia Palaszczuk flying out to Tokyo tonight. So much for the “war” on coronavirus, right?

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Brad’s snot rag: last week’s other removalists outrage

From 7:13:

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Don’t ever change, socialists

Spare a thought for “disaster.” Even by its rugged standards, the word is carrying a load here: Premier says ‘it would be a disaster’ if she didn’t fly to Tokyo for crucial Olympic talks.  

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Death by indoor air pollution. The ugly face of fossil fuel poverty

This is not something that the climate alarmists and RE zealots want to know about. Up to four million people per annum die for want to clean energy – the kind of energy that they can have in abundance when … Continue reading

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Fifty years on, leftists remind Asia of White Australia Policy

Imagine the shock: Israel Folau makes shock return to rugby union after signing deal in Japan.

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Public health activism and fascism

Colin Mendelsohn, on twitter, drew my attention to a paper forthcoming in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia. So what do these individuals get up to? Experts in tobacco control policy and practice from three leading Australian public health agencies … Continue reading

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Grubs insulted

Daniel Andrews is being sanctimonious about the stories that circulated after his fall. This is the same person who revelled in the lynching of Cardinal Pell and the same person who said, on 7 April 2020, ‘I see you. I … Continue reading

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One man’s joke is another man’s thought crime

Dealing with people of the left as I am sometimes compelled to do, the most astonishing characteristic is how humourless they invariably are. And they believe the most astonishingly absurd things, like global warming or that the American election last … Continue reading

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