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Patient: Bloggs, William. Age: 47. Next of kin: Mary Bloggs. CoD: inhalation of Polly Waffle wafer. Weather: Fine, 33.6

Climate-related deaths go unrecorded, says doctor working in some of our hottest towns. Dr Quilty and researchers want death certificates to include not just the physiological reason that people died but also the weather on the day they died.   … Continue reading

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What to do when a pandemic sidelines your grievance …

Coronavirus: ‘I’m scared of being buried as the wrong gender’. They’ll shave my long hair, put me in a suit, use my birth name and call me ‘he’ all the way through the funeral. The thought of my family doing … Continue reading

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Nowhere to hide: “Herd immunity is the only realistic option”

In the latest Foreign Affairs: Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s.

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NSW government finally protects vulnerable residents

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys said the two-person rule applied to those wanting to visit the cemetery on Mother’s Day.”

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Arky For Arky’s Sake

WITH so much of the heritage that really matters being thoughtlessly trashed these days – privacy, freedom of assembly, employment, democracy, parliament, fair trials…the Logies, it’s reassuring and nice to know that one dedicated man is working tirelessly to restore … Continue reading

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Death toll clue: ‘Hero’ NY gov sent patients to nursing homes

Sexy: Coronavirus patients being readmitted to nursing homes in New York after testing positive.

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They’re Poxy But Good: Has Volvo Land Beclowned The World?

Graphical primer: A Comparison of Lockdown UK With Non-Lockdown Sweden.   In The Australian: Coronavirus: Free-to-roam Swedes ‘flatten curve’. Both critics and advocates of lockdowns have found ammunition in the Swedish experience. On the one hand, there is some early … Continue reading

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More casual than the Victorian judiciary

Lawyers In Florida Are Zooming Into Court Hearings Shirtless And From Bed.

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He’s Got This

  A troubled world lifts weary eyes to the horizon, hoping for a deliverer …                                         A new gig for Rudd. The former Labor prime minister has joined an International Monetary Fund external advisory group to tackle issues including the coronavirus … Continue reading

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Plate Leap Forward

Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban consumption of cats and dogs.

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