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Ride of the Valdurries

Meanwhile, in Australia… — Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) July 19, 2021

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Apart From That

                    Peter Dutton backs national Covid-19 lottery as a ‘great idea’. The only two flaws which the company has identified is they need regulation approval and someone to pay for it. So apart from that, it seems like a sound proposal.” … Continue reading

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Vaccine (You’re Not The Only One)

Inspired by neo-punk outfit The Infectious Removalists, Tim Blair has asked his readers to submit pandemic-themed band names and album titles. Not sure if there’s a prize on offer.

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Do you really have to ask?

“He balances a line of M&Ms on his erect penis and takes photographs of it.”

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Hundreds of lady misfits now walking the Queensland beat

Luckily for endangered citizens, Katarina & Charysse are looking into it…      Queensland Police Service unfairly hired women to meet gender targets.   The Queensland Police Service (QPS) engaged in “corrupt manipulation” and “discriminatory” practices to achieve a 50 per cent … Continue reading

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‘She’s hot – apart from the overalls and the boil on her nose’

It’s 3 am: The Washington Post beer-goggles the Biden economy using an old technique… The media is now beyond any lingua franca of parody. And yet the Bee – the freakish Bee.

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Let’s Get Ready To Crumble

MEETING jaw to jaw may be better than war, as Churchill said, but when your enemy’s is clenched for battle rather than loosened for mediation, war is possible whether you like it or not. I’m all up for calling them … Continue reading

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There ought to be a law

It should be illegal to practice architecture without first spending a year in Florence. — Western Traditionalist (@Western_Trad) April 9, 2021

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Don’t ask how he mistook his sister-in-law for his wife

Hunter Biden admits he smoked parmesan cheese because it resembled crack.

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More than a thousand years building the rule of law

But what have we done for you lately? Seems to be some criticism that women aren’t sorting change fast enough DESPITE Brittany Higgins/Grace Tame/thousands of others working towards it. I’d love to hear what some men are doing to sort … Continue reading

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