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Cancer sufferers ignored while Joe’s pals hoovered the cash

Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on research.

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“Monty makes a very intelligent point” — KilldozerSZN (@KilldozerSZN) August 4, 2020

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LOL: Victoria Police now claim cyclists are endangering granny

First time @VictoriaPolice has done this? Checking IDs of cyclists in St Kilda to ensure they’re within 5km of home. — Paul Dowsley (@paul_dowsley) August 29, 2020

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There’s something happening here. WTF it is aint exactly clear

Team Biden thought this was a ‘groovy’ way to close day one of the DNC convention. Unintentionally hilarious:

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Cops swarm to “patrol social distancing” at doughnut giveaway

Uh-huh. Coronavirus fears as Krispy Kreme offer attracts large number of people across NSW.. The Krispy Kreme chain ran a giveaway offering a dozen doughnuts free to anyone who had a birthday between mid-March and mid-July, to celebrate the company’s … Continue reading

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Patient: Bloggs, William. Age: 47. Next of kin: Mary Bloggs. CoD: inhalation of Polly Waffle wafer. Weather: Fine, 33.6

Climate-related deaths go unrecorded, says doctor working in some of our hottest towns. Dr Quilty and researchers want death certificates to include not just the physiological reason that people died but also the weather on the day they died.   … Continue reading

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What to do when a pandemic sidelines your grievance …

Coronavirus: ‘I’m scared of being buried as the wrong gender’. They’ll shave my long hair, put me in a suit, use my birth name and call me ‘he’ all the way through the funeral. The thought of my family doing … Continue reading

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Nowhere to hide: “Herd immunity is the only realistic option”

In the latest Foreign Affairs: Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s.

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NSW government finally protects vulnerable residents

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys said the two-person rule applied to those wanting to visit the cemetery on Mother’s Day.”

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Arky For Arky’s Sake

WITH so much of the heritage that really matters being thoughtlessly trashed these days – privacy, freedom of assembly, employment, democracy, parliament, fair trials…the Logies, it’s reassuring and nice to know that one dedicated man is working tirelessly to restore … Continue reading

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