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Science versus emotion

Seven Peer-Reviewed Studies That Agree: Lockdowns Do Not Suppress the Coronavirus. The idea that locking down and keeping people apart will stop a virus spreading may be seductively intuitive. But intuitive ideas can be wrong. The job of science is … Continue reading

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Speaking of horses…

This encapsulates perfectly how the coronavirus panic has totally re-ordered the status of Western governments vis-a-vis citizens: Trampling citizens with a stampede of horses to protect them from a virus most of them have likely already had or won't even … Continue reading

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5.2 million people die from inactivity each year: what’s the solution?

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The triumph of reason

They won: Sweden saw lower 2020 death spike than much of Europe – data.

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And if you have a moment, Prime Minister, could you also have a look at this

Philippines all at sea over arrival of 220 Chinese ships at disputed reef. Some detail from the story. The presence of more than 200 suspected Chinese militia vessels at a disputed reef off the Philippines could be a prelude to … Continue reading

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Good Hands

Germany, Italy, France, Spain suspend AstraZeneca vaccine rollout amid blood clot concerns. Environment Minister Sussan Ley, who was health minister for almost two years, said Australia was “in good hands”. AstraZeneca has backing of Australian politicians, health advisors despite blood … Continue reading

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Milo vs. The Pope

HE declares he has left the “homosexual lifestyle” and is now fighting the good fight to be a worthy Christian. That’s the background. The foreground is a firecracker of an interview with John-Henry Westen on Pope Francis and his governance … Continue reading

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Avoiding it like the plague

Worldwide: The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics? Frontline Health Care Workers.

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Alleged killer is a white Brit – feminists breathe sigh of relief

There is no tragedy or horror too heartbreaking for the contemporary left to exploit: Police officer charged with kidnap and murder after body found in London woodland is confirmed as Sarah Everard. Baffled how there were no calls for curfews … Continue reading

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Chill, Emmanuel

Rarely is a builder’s choice this solemn: France selects first oaks to rebuild Notre Dame.   I don’t hold Emmanuel Macron to his ambitious five-year plan for rebuilding the great church, nor do I hold it against him. He was … Continue reading

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