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Remember Rudi Giuliani is a grub

This news is breaking in the US: Rudy Giuliani announced Wednesday that he turned the hard drive reportedly left abandoned by Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, at a Delaware repair shop over to State Police due … Continue reading

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Pell money trail: AUSTRAC gives ‘information’ to VicPol, Feds

Would AUSTRAC bother if there is nothing conceivably actionable involved? Police handed information on claims Vatican sent $1m to Australia in relation to George Pell sexual abuse trial. The financial crimes regulator has passed information to police about allegations of … Continue reading

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Threat of Energy War in Europe

UPDATE. More about the function of the interconnections and the fragility of the British power system. Blackout fears over National Grid cables from the Continent _ Business _ The Times Britain’s electricity system is sufficiently fragile at certain times of … Continue reading

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Operation Overbite

Jacinda Ardern led New Zealand through a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption and COVID-19. Now her toughest challenge begins.

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Feminist super-spreaders kill people for Joe Biden. Right?

The ABC recently ‘reported’ that Secret Service agents would die, thanks to Donald Trump’s Walter Reed drive-by. This morning the ABC reports on an anti-Trump swarm that’s totally safe: US Women’s March organisers exhort women to vote for change at … Continue reading

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A Flop Bop-A-Lu

LAST week the wrestling sensation in the Catholic Church was Becciu vs. Pell. This week, it’s Zen vs. Parolin. If this keeps up, Vince McMahon could emerge as a favourite for the next papal conclave. It would be very difficult … Continue reading

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DAYS after the unsatisfactorily nebulous claim that disgraced Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s Vatican department transferred $A1 million dollars to an “Australian account” in 2017 – allegedly to bankroll ‘witnesses’ testifying (falsely) against Cardinal George Pell (or for a tangential purpose) – … Continue reading

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Breaking: Nuncio linked to Get Pell cash is old mate of Becciu

George Pell’s bond cleaning of his Vatican apartment is leaving no old cushion unturned: NCR: Pope Francis Meets With Australian Nuncio, Amid 700k-Euro Bank Transfer Allegation.   Incidentally, a nuncio being “received in private audience” by the Supreme Pontiff – … Continue reading

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Super Troupers

NYT: Vilified Early Over Lax Virus Strategy, Sweden Seems to Have Scourge Controlled. Today, all of the European countries are more or less following the Swedish model, combined with the testing, tracing and quarantine procedures the Germans have introduced, but … Continue reading

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What their ABC hasn’t covered …

There is a strange omission in the ABC’s news coverage … The Times of London is covering the story.

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