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I think he is talking about us

Paul Kelly in the Australian has a long piece claiming victory for Australia in the government v Facebook and Google kerfuffle. I particularly liked this bit: But there is a small group of angry critics that reject the model on … Continue reading

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So few things have happened on Greg Hunt’s watch …

Well, er, no shit. This is the same government that apparently is concerned about the advertising market share that Google and Facebook have. So they have two choices: Advertise with the traditional media and attract fewer eyeballs at a higher … Continue reading

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The government demands to share platform with pedophiles?

Hang on. I thought Facebook was a place where lots of nice people chatted about bushfires and stuff. There were 20,000 child abuse convictions last year? I don’t recall reading about them. Maybe all those trials of garage Nazis have … Continue reading

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Publishers need Facebook more than Facebook needs them

Some magnificent graphs from NiemanLab. So what has this done to traffic for Australian publishers? Our friends at Chartbeat shared some preliminary data with us, and the numbers ain’t good. Let’s first look specifically at Facebook referrals — traffic that … Continue reading

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Don’t they know there’s a pandemic on?

Those rent-seekers at The Australian are squealing. First Peter Lewis of the Centre for Responsible Technology – really the far-left Australia Institute and Essential Media – weighs in: That Facebook would consciously choose to purge fact-based journalism from their networks … Continue reading

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Facebook 1, Crony Capitalism 0

Who could ever have foreseen that a private company, if forced to pay a fee for a service (more on this below) may forego the service? Well it turns out that the entire Canberra establishment and the ACCC never for … Continue reading

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As many Cats may realise this morning Facebook cut off all news sources from Australian users – I’ll have more to say about that in later posts.  Here I want to point to some propaganda from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. … Continue reading

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