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The edge of lunacy

Actually beyond the edge and fully unhinged! Note the singular: “case”. That, by the way, is the front page. HUNDREDS of Victorians have been ordered to isolate after a man returned from hotel quarantine in Adelaide and tested positive for … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s new media platform

Promo video posted on Trump’s website for his newly announced platform. #DJTD — Zachery Henry (@zhenryaz) May 4, 2021 This is Donald Trump’s media platform: The story is told here. He has a video on the platform that leads … Continue reading

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“An overwhelming 87 percent” thankful to Joe Biden

So, 77% don’t think it has become more united. What a totally normal way to frame poll results, @ABCNetwork — Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) May 2, 2021

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“One small step for a man” vs. one giant heap for commie-kind

                    China mocks India in social media posts, prompting backlash. An account linked to the Central Commission for Political and Legal Affairs posted a photo on the microblogging platform Weibo comparing the Chinese Long March-5B carrier rocket to photos of cremation … Continue reading

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Clipping Brittany

They went to the March 4 Justice but all they got was this lousy t-shirt: Support for the LNP has risen – hungover parrot, if not phoenix-like – back to 2019 election levels, according to today’s Newspoll. Scott Morrison has … Continue reading

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Terry Marciano

I hesitate to reference Crikey — giving it, in the process, some seeming legitimacy by recognition and exposure in the sunlight of media reality and indeed the world of just basic above-ground sanity that it so desperately craves from its … Continue reading

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It was the Christians

An ABC investigation relating to Victoria’s COVID catastrophe has put the blame where it belongs.

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Luncheon of the Doting Party

WE know that every Saturday, voice of everywoman Laura Tingle publishes a hit-piece for the ABC condemning the Morrison government. What sort of things does she do on Sunday? Malcolm Turnbull tucks in for a busy week ahead. And there … Continue reading

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How is this a hit job?

I missed this story during the week. When the Australian Financial Review and senior reporter Aaron Patrick set their sights on Samantha Maiden for what is known in journalism as a “hit job”, one could have been excused for expecting … Continue reading

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“Stop this nonsense. We already have the ABC”

Following up on Is it The Age or The Oz?, the first of the articles was from The Australian: Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews promoted after she made my life hell, says female staffer. They have now rectified their error … Continue reading

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