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No rest for the acquitted

Trump Opens National Monument Land to Energy Exploration. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday finalized plans to allow mining and energy drilling on nearly a million acres of land in southern Utah that had once been protected as part … Continue reading

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Goodness gracious. Coal blamed for great balls of fire:

Cattle have stopped breeding, koalas die of thirst: A vet’s hellish diary of climate change. “Bulls cannot breed at Inverell. They are becoming infertile from their testicles overheating … The government has no idea … Its members don’t know how … Continue reading

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“There is no place for economic sabotage dressed up as activism”

Scott Morrison gave a very good speech to the Queensland Resources Council last Friday. I particularly enjoyed this bit at the 7 minute mark: I hear a lot about progressivism at the moment. It sounds like a lovely word, you can … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Brendan Pearson Why is Australia the only place in Asia where HELE coal generation isn’t clean?

The central organising principle of the Finkel review is the adoption of a technology neutral approach to energy policy. Although that is an important step forward, the review falls short of its own guiding principle in two fundamental respects. First, the … Continue reading

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The Australian Mining Industry Third Annual Lecture: Marcia Langton

The text of the lecture can be downloaded here.

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Scream Test: ABC edition

This comment made on Q&A Monday night is causing a kerfuffle: You’re more right likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you. As Rowan Dean pointed out on Tuesday – within hours 22 refrigerators … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Roy E Waleed Aly misses the bus on declaring the death of coal

Waleed Aly’s business card still reads ‘jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none’, despite recent embarrassing incidents.  His self-appointed expertise on pretty much anything and his self-righteous attitude on everything makes him the poster boy of the left, however some of his recent comments question how … Continue reading

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Gains from agility. From the “you couldn’t make it up” file

h/t Grace Collier today. Pity about the paywall, but read on. Punch the words “Australia Business Financing Centre” into your browser and your mind will boggle at the possibilities. The Australia Business Financing Centre, in its headline, says “Australian Government … Continue reading

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Naming the enemy:The progressive left as a religion of hatred and division


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Australia should export more uranium

Ash de Silva and I have a report published by the Minerals Council coming out later today. We make a case for Australia exploiting and exporting more of its uranium reserves. In addition to its considerable endowment, Australia has an … Continue reading

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