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The government doesn’t pay your super

Paul Howes had an extended op-ed in the AFR Review on Friday talking about compulsory Super. In it he relates this anecdote: I can’t recall the member’s name, but she was a middle-aged woman who just started working part-time in an … Continue reading

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Greedy politician comes undone

Last September, as his proposed $5 per tonne iron ore tax enjoyed healthy popular support, a confident WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls sat down with representatives from the big end of the mining sector and told them he was ready … Continue reading

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No RSPT for the ‘Google tax’

Chris Berg and I have an op-ed in the Australian this morning where we liken the idea of a ‘Google tax’ with the former government’s mining tax. This obsession with multinationals and corporate tax looks like the Rudd government’s mining … Continue reading

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Well done Judith

Not only has Judith become a grandmother – again, she has been slagged by Wayne Swan in his new book: Every Australian should be concerned about how the anti-mining-tax campaigners manipulated media coverage to support special interest over the public … Continue reading

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How’s that mining tax going?

Not well. The Treasurer this morning revealed net revenue from the Mineral Resource Rent Tax was only $600,000 in the June quarter, compared with the already-downgraded $150 million forecast last year. Is that net of the promise to refund state … Continue reading

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How’s that mining profitability going?

The government is introducing legislation to repeal the mining tax. Good. “The repeal of the MRRT package contributes more than $13 billion of savings to the budget’s bottom line on an underlying cash basis over the forward estimates,” Mr Hockey … Continue reading

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Fact checking a Greens mining-tax claim

I’ve just watched NSW Greens MP Cate Faehrmann making the claim that Australian miners pay the lowest corporate income tax amongst Australian industry. But that simply false. Last year I calculated the average tax rates for Australian industries using ATO … Continue reading

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Treasury and Tax Expenditure Statements

David Uren has an article in The Australian were he points out some of Treasury’s failings in the past few years. LABOR backbenchers could be forgiven for thinking that Treasury has a hex on them. Before the 2010 election, it … Continue reading

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Keep mining strong

New ad campaign starts tomorrow.

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Ferguson and mining

Yesterday the AFR ran an astonishing op-ed by Richard Denniss. Basically putting the boot into Martin Ferguson. Read the whole thing if you can stomach it – I’ll just extract a section: Martin Ferguson’s legacy is a budget short of … Continue reading

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