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The Deep State emerges

There is a very troubling story in The Australian this morning: On Monday, Allan Gyngell, former head of the Office of Nat­ional Assessments, foreign policy adviser to Paul Keating, hon­orary professor at the ANU and a board director of the … Continue reading

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As hordes of left-wing extremists illegally take to the streets – risking the lives of thousands (courts and experts say) …

… ASIO springs into oddly-timed action to warn of the danger posed to Australia by the “far right.” COVID-19 restrictions are being exploited by extreme right-wing narratives that paint the state as oppressive, and globalisation and democracy as flawed and … Continue reading

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What would we do without “intelligence officials”?

Spies kept busy by increase in suspicious internet activity during lockdown. Intelligence officers also detected a rise in “anti-China” and “anti-migration” sentiment in the community as a result of the global pandemic, although it was not clear whether any threats … Continue reading

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Source

The AFP sanctions espionage and News Corp falsely claims vindication TO the spymaster, there are no coincidences. Not at first blush, anyway, and not even at the second or third. I will therefore assume it is no coincidence that on … Continue reading

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Not declared innocent, Smethurst gets off on a technicality

High Court throws out AFP warrant against News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst. While ruling the warrant was technically invalid, the court did not deliver the remedy sought by Smethurst’s lawyers, which was that the evidence gathered by police be destroyed … Continue reading

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Bug side effects: sudden new respect for borders and reason

Mexico considering restrictions on US border amid coronavirus fears. Top Iranian cleric okays buying future Israeli coronavirus vaccine.

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It’s not all bad news


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While neo-nazis saluted swastikas in their suburban garages …

Mardi Gras MAYHEM: Stabbings, protests and violent brawls with police.

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… and right on cue.

Last week I suggested that a speech given by the head of ASIO was code for additional funding and powers. Today Reece Kershaw, commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, has an op-ed in the Australian making the case for additional … Continue reading

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Jo Nova’s Coronavirus update. How it kills and how we can be saved

Pulling no punches. The great news is ICU staff are getting much better at keeping people alive when they get ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which can happen with other diseases (like Influenza). Seems, the ICUs can keep 84% alive … Continue reading

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