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Vicki Campion guest post. We need to wake up over port deals

If you have decided that our bed partners in politics are the story, then you should be interested in at least what country we are in bed with and what we are giving them in return for their share of … Continue reading

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World War Zzzzzzz

State of emergency declared in North Carolina as cyberattack creates pipeline chaos. The White House called a lid at 3:34 pm — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) May 11, 2021

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The Born Identity

I am a woman of color… I am a cisgender millennial… I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder… I am intersectional.” – A new recruitment ad for the CIA introduces America to its latest spy and makes a pitch … Continue reading

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Belt & Road takes a tumble on Federation staircase

Federal government tears up four Victorian government deals with foreign nations leading to rebuke from Chinese embassy

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A step in the right direction

Australia’s special forces veterans who served in Afghanistan will retain their Meritorious Unit Citations unless convicted of war crimes or sacked for poor conduct. The Australian. Long over due decision. But it seems to me that Peter Dutton is conceding … Continue reading

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Peter Thiel on the Chinese Digital Currency

These comments caused some controversy during the week: Christopher Nixon Cox: … My question is regarding digital currency, we’ve seen recently in the last few days the China has proposed creating their own digital currency. And I was wondering how … Continue reading

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Everything in moderation

AN argument has to be pretty lousy to elicit sympathy for Victoria Police. That said, when an ABC ‘expert’ uses 35 paragraphs hinting they’re to blame before sullenly admitting the truth about why 19 per cent of young people in … Continue reading

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Victoria Police apologetic about arresting Muslims

Just “three,” ABC? Three what? Three arrested in Melbourne counter-terrorism raids.   Persevere, everyone – the national broadcaster gets to who and why in paragraph 8: Assistant Commissioner Michael Hermans, [Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Command] said they were inspired by … Continue reading

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ASIO comes clean

Turns out Australia isn’t facing a Nazi threat. Mr Burgess said “right-wing extremism” was no longer an accurate description. “People often think we’re talking about skinheads with swastika tattoos and jackboots roaming the backstreets like extras from Romper Stomper, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Morrison government’s dumb two China policy

Eek: Liberal Party donor Huifeng ‘Haha’ Liu ‘engaged in acts of foreign interference’: ASIO. Meh: Chinese takeover of island near Australian military training area causes unease.   Why isn’t ASIO investigating the Foreign Investment Review Board?

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