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No good deed goes untaxed

Drivers of electric and zero-emission cars will be forced to pay a kilometre-based charge to ensure they contribute to the upkeep of roads, the South Australian government has announced in a state budget with national implications. … Defending the green … Continue reading

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“What’s that Skippy? Nicotine consumption continues to increase?”

Who would have thought that after years and years of glorious plain packaging laws that nicotine consumption in Australia would be increasing? Who could have predicted such a thing? Well, it turns out that the in-the-pocket-of-big-tobacco Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission … Continue reading

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Cardimona claims his Constitutional rights

And Cardimona is the winner! Manager agrees fee is not applicable because of the Australian Constitution. Permit granted. We’re about to get a thunderstorm so I’ll start tomorrow. I want to be there between 1000 and 1300, precisely because of … Continue reading

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Cardimona vs the Tablelands Regional Council

OFF TOPIC,  it is a very bad wind day, full-on drought in South Australia and very little everywhere else. 4% in WA.  Enjoy while it lasts. Our man in Tolga has locked horns with the local council in Atherton when … Continue reading

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Letter to Dan Andrews

This is a letter of resignation from Alma Besserdin to Dan Andrews. (HT: areff)

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They’re laughing at you pal.

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David Bidstrup guest post. Babies die in Adelaide. Who cares?

Four babies have died in the past month here in Adelaide because they were denied access to surgery in Melbourne due to the insane Victorian Covid restrictions. It is a concern that there are not proper facilities available in SA … Continue reading

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Leave the moral philosophy for others.

Steve Dimopoulos is a state Labor MP Karen who put out a Facebook post yesterday condemning a barbershop that opened yesterday in defiance of the TaliDan government’s edict. I won’t be naming them, but I’m told there is a local … Continue reading

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Speedbox: “Things have gone wrong”

Months ago, Prime Minister Morrison said that there could be no trans-Tasman travel bubble until all State borders are open in Australia.   He said that it would be impractical and unacceptable that international tourists could enter Australia whilst Australians were … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Will: “they are interacting less with one another”

New modelling suggests Victoria may be the safest state from COVID-19. (Via feelthebern).

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