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Sir Desmond Swayne blasts PM over police state, fake crisis

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Lockdown is for the little people

Pleasure to have the Australian Prime Minister and his team for lunch this weekend 🇦🇺 #G7Summit2021 — Jamaica Inn (@jamaicainn) June 13, 2021

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Super and other government rorts. From the Aust Taxpayers Alliance

Losing over half your life’s earnings to taxes and then being slugged with another 25% on your retirement income is a rough deal. This month, the ATA published our report exposing our superannuation system is in dire straits and provided three … Continue reading

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Human rights are red tape

From The Australian: Victorian health authorities say red tape prevented five million Melburnians from being released from lockdown until Friday, despite a decision on Tuesday night to allow a “careful easing” of ­restrictions. Despite Acting Premier James Merlino hailing confirmation … Continue reading

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David Limbrick on Victorian Lockdown

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More than a whiff of fascism

Reported in The Australian: Australian Medical Association president Omar Khorshid says Australia must consider what greater freedoms will be available for fully vaccinated people, as the medical group backs a digital certificate to prove immunisation status. Dr Khorshid said the … Continue reading

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The (Police) State of Victoria

You would think we were in the midst of Mardi Gras from the look of this front page. But more to the point, there is the letter sent out by John Roskam at the IPA. He begins: This morning there … Continue reading

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The vaccines don’t work – Joe Biden

The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours. — President Biden (@POTUS) May 13, 2021

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What is Greg Hunt thinking?

Overnight the government has banned Australian citizens from entering the country from India. There is talk of imposing $60,000 fines and/or 5 year prison terms for anyone who violates the ban. This is literally a crime against humanity. 1. Everyone … Continue reading

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Peter Campion guest post. A few plain words

The Editor  The Cairns Post  Sorry, but this “pandemic” has been complete, total and utter bullsugar. It’s been pushed by the same CCP-owned, UN-based, tax-exempt, global-socialist, totalitarian elite that push all the other useless, destructive, anti-family, anti-Western, anti-capitalist hoaxes and scams, which … Continue reading

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