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Lockdown is theatre designed to normalise blaming the public

People are more likely to contract COVID-19 at home, study finds. UPDATE (Financial Review): The coronavirus is even more harmless than anybody previously imagined: Up to 500,000 Australians may have been infected: NSW chief doctor. Preliminary results of studies to … Continue reading

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Non-hysterical journalist officially declared “controversial”

Controversial COVID-19 commentator Adam Creighton slams Australia’s virus response as ‘disproportionate’ 😱 #omg — Adam Creighton (@Adam_Creighton) July 21, 2020 • People drowned at sea while the Rudd and Gillard governments refused to lock down our borders: 1200. • Labor-approved … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Chide

“No singing, no mingling, no dancing” – NSW Premier outlines new wedding restrictions.   YES, it could be a working title for Gladys Berejiklian’s autobiography. Instead, the troika of noes is yet another round of a government pretending coronavirus can … Continue reading

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How’s that war on tobacco going?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare put out their latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey today. This survey comes out every 3 years. We covered it last time here. I have updated the graph showing the downward trend in … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. The problem with the police

Virtually all political persuasions agree on the need for police. For libertarians, maintaining a criminal justice system, of which the police are a major component, is viewed as one of the few legitimate roles of government. The first modern and … Continue reading

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Rules vs Orders. The wisdom of Hayek and Popper

Popper was probably  following ideas picked up in his correspondence with Hayek when he wrote about the distinction between rules and orders in Chapter 17 of The Open Society and its Enemies . He considered that the institutional method of … Continue reading

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Barely Ted

 Speak softly and carry a big schtick                                                                                                    Occasionally the stick will have to be put about, whether it’s fines or sanctions in place to ensure we keep everybody safe.” – “Liberal” Scott Morrison wants to punish people who refuse a … Continue reading

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Peeping nong blames voters for his own shameful cowardice

Coronavirus quarantine crackdown to stop Queensland becoming another Victoria. Don’t think we’re not watching you. We see what happens when you drop the ball on coronavirus. The issue for all Queenslanders here is don’t be complacent, you’ve got to be … Continue reading

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Was George Pell a Political Prisoner?

The wrongful imprisonment of George Pell was not an accident or flaw in the system. It was a product of a system tainted by soft political corruption, i.e. Victoria Police and the Victorian criminal justice system, being institutions captured by … Continue reading

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Lone Star leadership: no crying from this woman of principle

A judge told Shelley Luther, the salon owner who opened her business in defiance of the governor's orders, that she had the option to avoid jail time if she admitted to the government she was "wrong" and "selfish" for opening. … Continue reading

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