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Something a bit different. Talking about Karl Popper

This evening I go live for a talk with Francesco Calderone in his series of interviews with people who have unusual ideas.  He will start with my interest in Karl Popper and see where we end up. The main thing … Continue reading

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Attention Michael Oakeshott groupies!

Michael Oakeshott Association Conference 2021  September 3rd 2021 marks the 20th anniversary since the inaugural conference at the London School of Economics. For obvious reasons, this forthcoming conference will be held online. As with MOA 2001, this conference will not … Continue reading

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Risk aversion and the modern socialist

Henry normally puts his articles up by himself, but it’s not here and this one really gets to the heart of one of the critical issues of our time: ‘Official Socialism’ skulking beneath the cover of Covid. I’ll give you … Continue reading

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Winston Smith’s World

Whenever the Left says something violent it is always “taken out of context”. Whenever conservatives urge peaceful protest it is always “coded language”. Or simply put in MSM/bureaucrat and academic-speak, the Right’s speech is ‘violence’ whereas the Left’s violence is … Continue reading

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The influence of Karl Popper and Critical Rationalism

A great admirer of Karl Popper has launched the My Popper site to provide a place for people to record the personal impact of his ideas. My on-line contribution started in 2002 when my wife created a website named the … Continue reading

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Millennial prodigy, like, solves age-old economics conundrum

Her parents must be so embarrassed that this is their offspring. — Gina Bontempo (@FlorioGina) December 7, 2020

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The joke’s on us

Here you go @JoeBiden! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2020 1984 was the most visionary, prescient book ever written. “He who controls the past controls the future.” Joe says he never said it and therefore he didn’t, … Continue reading

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And finally the Marxists came for the (left) liberals

Interesting heads up from Jo Nova.  The Marxists won out from the march through the institutions and now the leftists themselves are in the crosshairs. Anti-Marxist liberals are about to find themselves in much the same situation that has characterized … Continue reading

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It is what it is

A comment in response to my post on The Australian is now the print version of the ABC. I disagree Steve. The Australian is by the far the most balanced newspaper in Australia. And I saw the Swan interview of … Continue reading

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Frauds, snares and delusions in the age of the rhetorical virus

Just picked up a quite excellent book in our local second-hand bookshop. It is titled, Fallacy: the Counterfeit of Argument, and was written in 1959. By happenstance, this is part of the introduction: The triumph of rhetoric is like the … Continue reading

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