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The joke’s on us

Here you go @JoeBiden! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2020 1984 was the most visionary, prescient book ever written. “He who controls the past controls the future.” Joe says he never said it and therefore he didn’t, … Continue reading

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And finally the Marxists came for the (left) liberals

Interesting heads up from Jo Nova.  The Marxists won out from the march through the institutions and now the leftists themselves are in the crosshairs. Anti-Marxist liberals are about to find themselves in much the same situation that has characterized … Continue reading

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It is what it is

A comment in response to my post on The Australian is now the print version of the ABC. I disagree Steve. The Australian is by the far the most balanced newspaper in Australia. And I saw the Swan interview of … Continue reading

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Frauds, snares and delusions in the age of the rhetorical virus

Just picked up a quite excellent book in our local second-hand bookshop. It is titled, Fallacy: the Counterfeit of Argument, and was written in 1959. By happenstance, this is part of the introduction: The triumph of rhetoric is like the … Continue reading

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Dealing with mainstream cults

Although the article starts with these two charts, it is not about the Chinese Flu but about why people believe things in spite of all the evidence to show they are utterly untrue. The title is Why Facts Don’t Matter … Continue reading

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It’s just like politics

It’s actually just like everything where someone can come in second. This is about Michael Jordan. And this is what Jordan said, and while you read it, think about all those people who oppose the American President because he’s not … Continue reading

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Defending the minimal state in a time of crisis

Never ones to waste a crisis the collectivists will use the Coronavirus to push their barrow. Everyone’s a socialist in a pandemic. …There may be a silver lining here: What if the virus forces Americans and their elected representatives to … Continue reading

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Gloria Alvarez & Stephen Hicks in Melbourne

LIBERTARIAN JUSTICE WARRIORS vs SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS 30% DISCOUNT FOR CATS! Hit this  link  for more information and tickets to the March 16 dialogue with Hicks and and Alvarez.  The discount code is catallaxy30 Gloria looks good but I hope she … Continue reading

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The backlist of Dan Prawn – the Johnny Cash man

The History of Western Philosophy. Inspired by the book of the same name by Bertrand Russell. It morphs into the wonderful dialogue of Douglas Murray and John Anderson. Thanks and apologies to commentators, this is abbreviated to minimise the risk … Continue reading

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Roger Scruton 1944-2020

Other than John Stuart Mill, there is no philosopher whose works I have read more comprehensively than those of Roger Scruton who has now passed away. The book beside my bed right now is his How to be a Conservative. … Continue reading

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