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Fantasists pursing a collective delusion

Two articles on the same issues entered my inbox almost simultaneously, both with a similar message but told differently and with slightly different imagery. Different versions of being at the end of times. I will remind you again at the … Continue reading

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Their holy mission is to use the coercive power of the State

This has set the left ablaze: Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers the 19th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention. It is almost impossible to have imagined more destructive despicable people than … Continue reading

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Tear down this wall too

It didn’t take long. The European left is faux-celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall (which they erected) and warning that “populism” (democracy) is threatening to divide the Continent anew. In the British Independent, Borzou Daragahi arrives on site with … Continue reading

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My visit to the Berlin Wall

This being the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I thought I might tell the story when I was there myself. I was hitchhiking in Europe in 1973 and as we were at the East German border … Continue reading

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A Kirkian Defence of Libertarianism

Jonathan Cole’s A Kirkian Critique of Libertarianism has nothing to do with the captain of the Enterprise but a lot to do with the future of freedom. It also has relevance to the nature of Catallaxy. Dating back to founder … Continue reading

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Distributing incomes to match what each of us deserves

I received a very kind note from someone I had spoken with at the Historians of Economics conference the other day which I had discussed here. She sent me two articles, one from the economist Greg Mankiw, and the other … Continue reading

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The rise of savage terrorist creeds

This is from Arnold Lunn’s 1939 Communism and Socialism: A Study in the Technique of Revolution. It comes at the start of Chapter XIV, “The Fruits of a False Philosophy”. The waning of the Christian ethic across the world will … Continue reading

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Why don’t things make sense?

The three posts came up sequentially at, each one worth pondering. Irrational doesn’t quite capture it. The impulses in all three stories seem mad and inexplicable. I could say more, but nothing adds up. I can see what people … Continue reading

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What a dud university Cambridge has become!

Having been a visiting scholar there myself, I can attest that the finest thing about the place are its buildings. As for its scholars and scholarship, just bear in mind that I was there to do research in the Keynes … Continue reading

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Stephen Hicks tour cancelled

Due to lack of ticket sales. •WHAT IS POSTMODERNISM? What makes it attractive, why it’s dangerous to Western culture, how it has evolved and mutated into 3rd-generation postmodernism since its first generation in Foucault and Derrida, its connections to neo-Marxism, … Continue reading

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