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Jordan Peterson interviews Stephen Hicks

From the link to the video. Jordan Peterson speaks with Dr. Stephen Hicks – [born in Toronto I might add] – professor in the philosophy department at Rockford University in Illinois. Dr. Hicks is the author of the influential and … Continue reading

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A philosopher defending the merchants of alarm

“my view is that philosophers do better to paint a picture in which we urge trust in the consensus of the scientific community,based on features of that community’s social organization.” (Winsberg p. 161) Philosophy and Climate Science (Cambridge 2018) appears … Continue reading

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Defining deviance up

From Cut & Paste at The Oz: Once a jolly polly offered an apollygy, and other neologisms to celebrate Australia Day. From the cool cats at Catallaxy Files during the past two years: Abbariginal: Fair-skinned blonde claiming Aboriginality for money, money, … Continue reading

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Stephen Hicks, interviews with entrepreneurs

Stephen Hicks is coming to town in March to talk about postmodernism and many other things. He has several strings to his bow and one of his interests is the way that entrepreneurs go about their business. He has conducted … Continue reading

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Stephen Hicks on cultural studies, entrepreneurship and stuff

Professor Stephen Hicks is touring Australia this year and I presume the sponsors will start some PR soon. I only found out about this by accident and I dont even know who the sponsors are. Stephen and I have been … Continue reading

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The true nature of things likes to conceal itself

The proper title of this article is, In defence of Donald Trump, a man of character among a pack of dogs. This is how it ends with much of good sense before the end is reached. I don’t know anyone … Continue reading

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Some people even now would have preferred Hillary!

It is one of the odder parts of my life running into people who make it a point to tell me how much they don’t like Trump. I seldom even mention the name, and even among people I would expect … Continue reading

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Our modern Solzhenitsyn

The different voice that Jordan Peterson provides to the array of criticism of the socialist utopias so many seem to believe an actual possibility, in spite of the universal and disastrous failures every such experiment has created, is that he … Continue reading

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More good news !

The Michael Oakeshott notebooks are available in paperback. Sorry for the late call! You didn’t want to know? Well it wasn’t me who put the Michael Oakeshott Association on the Blogroll. Everybody should pick an item at random every so … Continue reading

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Liberty quote: Popper on violence and free speech

Persistent talk of violence, especially by radical and romantic elements of the Marxist movement made the working of democracy impossible wherever the ambivalent rhetoric of revolution was adopted by a major political party. Popper suggested that democracy can only work … Continue reading

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