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Tip of the Ice. Berg.

Dr Chris Berg recently wrote an interesting piece in the Spectator (long version here) using an economic model trying to explain what is happening in the media … to explain the increasing increased partisanship.  The model Berg uses is the … Continue reading

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Liars and hypocrites doesn’t even begin to cover it

The entire post taken from John Hinderaker: EXPOSING LIBERAL HYPOCRISY. The left are loons in so many ways. Before this New York Post story, I had never heard of Carlos Maza. But a lot of people had; he has 150,000 followers on … Continue reading

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Censorship is not a form of free speech

Should a carrier of information be allowed to do this: ’60 Minutes:’ More Than 300 Ads by Trump Campaign Taken Down by Google and YouTube. That is, should a carrier of the views of individuals who have signed up in … Continue reading

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Adverts are not news

More bumph from the media crapping on about Facebook. My point is that while Australian news media often takes a political stance in favour of one party and against others, that stance still steadfastly avoids misrepresenting facts. But then there … Continue reading

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