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The climate change scam

This is how this post begins which is titled, The Climate Scam: What We Are Up Against. What I call the “climate scam” is the proposition that human use of fossil fuels will shortly bring about a catastrophic increase in … Continue reading

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All the jealous old pooh-bahs crawl out of the woodwork

War Memorial council should be disbanded, SAS display shuttered: ex Defence chief — Tom McIlroy (@TomMcIlroy) November 20, 2020

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How an army of Andreas conquered the West for China

Hi Andrea, You cannot leave the house to walk the dog or to exercise. — South Australia Police (@SAPoliceNews) November 18, 2020

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The therapeutic state

Really, why add to the crush of issues with this one when nothing whatever can be done about any of it? Still, I have only just cottoned onto it so thought I might share. This, however, is even less likely … Continue reading

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A dog act

Scott Morrison calls Afghanistan’s President to express ‘sorrow’ over soldiers’ actions.

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He’s the real victim

IN Victoria, one man can be sent to a supermax by the state’s highest courts without an iota of evidence. On the other hand, if there is actual video of a grievance-credentialled man dragging a terrified woman down an alley … Continue reading

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Baseless Conspiracy Theories

When the body in charge of regulating pay TV is stacked with Foxtel’s own executives, why are we surprised when Sky News’ baseless conspiracy theories go unchallenged?” – Crikey’s David Hardaker, yesterday Today, the links between Trump’s outfit and Russian … Continue reading

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“It’s a political organisation that employs a lot of journalists”

THE ABC’s 7.30 is airing a hit piece tonight – yes, another one – this time against News Corporation, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. Without evidence, the far left-wing program that once aired made-up accusations against Cardinal George Pell will … Continue reading

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Bob wants a mommy and a daddy

We need someone to lead us through in a kind of father figure way or mother figure way. To bring us through and show that they love us, care about us, and want our best. They are looking out for … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Albo?

Troy Bramston reports: Anthony Albanese’s leadership is on death watch. Dissatisfaction with his performance runs deep within the Labor caucus, shadow ministry, party machine and union movement. Most Labor MPs think Albanese will either be dumped before the next election … Continue reading

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