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This is real

Bradford Council have recruited people to walk around with Tvs strapped above their heads to warn people of the dangers of Covid. Completely normal. — Steve Laws (@Steve_Laws_) January 8, 2021

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Twitter endorses bombers

Unhappy Anniversary: 25 Years Since Al Sharpton Incited Freddy’s Massacre.   Responsible for eight horrific murders, Sharpton is welcome on Twitter and was also given a ‘job’ on CNN. Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. … Continue reading

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Big Tech’s kristallnacht

Apple, Amazon, Google ban social media platform Parler. UPDATE: Kristina Keneally launches bizarre Tweet-storm about Parler. She links it all to Scott Morrison.

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• Latest figures – Australian road fatalities, 12 months to November 2020: 1132. • Latest figures – Australian COVID-19 fatalities, same period (excluding Victoria): 89.   Why do Australian governments continue to allow civilians to drive motor vehicles?

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America’s Reichstag Fire

I saw that as a comment on some post somewhere referring to the “riot” at the Capitol in Washington, but it is exactly right. Alas, with ignorance so pervasive, hardly anyone will understand what is meant. Here is the Wikepedia … Continue reading

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Well done, girls

Chinese Communists fall into line with Western feminism.

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VD Day

Victory over Donald Day, that is. And how LIQ does glory in his Beta-male soy-boy triumph: Biggest Loser he calls the President. I have combed through his post, and the comments of all those who take the same side, and … Continue reading

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The New Duopoly of Violence

A pillar of the philosophy of democratic governance has always been the idea that the state has the exclusive right to practice lawful violence to safeguard citizens and the nation. The power comes from the demos; it doesn’t inhere in … Continue reading

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15 brave police arrest 92 year-old man for not wearing a mask

Eric Levy had come to Westminster Magistrate’s Court to support Julian Assange…

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Gone With The Wind

“…sometimes it would carve me up inside.” The ABC finds a grown man who is having a hard time emotionally because his toddler girls prefer mummy. Needless to say, there is a feminist ‘expert’ on the payroll to help:                   Why … Continue reading

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