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Prick Pic

Chelsea Clinton Calls On Trump To Release Photos Of Himself Being Vaccinated.   Related: Bill Maher (!) ridicules Democrats for being laughably frightened of coronavirus.

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Woke Liberals want anonymous reporting of ‘sexual assaults’

What could possibly go wrong – in Victoria?

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People of Collar

These are the Black Lives Matter terrorists arrested for rioting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota:

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Second Bite

APPLE turned its re-built store in Portland into a George Floyd shrine as much as a telephone and computer outlet. The company hoped genuflecting to the Black Lives Matter pseudo-cause would protect the shop from being destroyed by Democrat terrorists … Continue reading

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The Staggering Return of Mickey Finn

LAST month – without any evidence – the ABC presented the misadventures of Katie and Kylie as proof-positive of a drink-spiking epidemic. The revival of this zombie urban myth isn’t surprising given the misandrist hysteria being theatrically stoked on a … Continue reading

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It was the Christians

An ABC investigation relating to Victoria’s COVID catastrophe has put the blame where it belongs.

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Bring a ute: “And they are really going to come for me now”

CHANNEL Nine has tried to pull off one of those in-house builder’s bog PR patch-ups for Weakest Link host Magda Szubanski following her lightly criticised attack on Jenny Morrison. Instead, she went even more berserk. She now claims Mrs Morrison … Continue reading

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I’m a doctor and my advice is don’t come back

From: Asked whether April 26 was a realistic return date for the Premier, Mr Merlino said his doctors were yet to make an assessment. “Dan will be back based on doctor’s advice,” he said. Of course, my doctorate is in … Continue reading

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Biden obeys Trump

Biden says it’s time to ‘end America’s longest war’, as final Afghanistan withdrawal announced.

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The vaccine: not only risky but it doesn’t actually work

Fauci Gives Americans a Grim Look at Post-Vaccine Life. Fauci is at it again. "It’s still not ok for vaccinated Americans to eat and drink indoors." — (@townhallcom) April 12, 2021

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