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Almost. Let’s make it official…

People who say anyone but Hitler is Hitler are morons; this woman says Donald Trump is Hitler. Ergo… Almost a syllogism… — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 22, 2020

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The truth about the Charlottesville demo

Was reminded by The Outsiders today – during which they gave our very own Alan Moran twenty minutes to discuss the multi-billion dollar cost of green energy to Australian consumers – but also discussed the outright lies of the media … Continue reading

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The worst president of my lifetime discusses the best

The above is the shorter version. The one below is the full speech in all its horror. And the only thing that Obama can talk about is the colour of his skin because that was his only claim to office, … Continue reading

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Biden’s top priority: allowing men back into the girls’ toilets

This is real: The Biden plan to advance LGBTQ+ equality in America and around the world.

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Dream Team opportunity lost

ONE of the big what-ifs of the current nominations cycle in US politics is how the Biden movement could have been made that much more stable and sane were J Mai on the ticket. Alas, J Mai only got to … Continue reading

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Tense scenes in Melbourne

Among all of the many other failings Daniel Andrews has, he is also a bad liar. There are tense scenes in Melbourne, as Daniel Andrews answers questions about him claiming one in four people weren’t at home when they were … Continue reading

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There’s something happening here. WTF it is aint exactly clear

Team Biden thought this was a ‘groovy’ way to close day one of the DNC convention. Unintentionally hilarious:

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How a speech recorded a week ago became perfectly true

No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama “at” the Democrat Party “convention”   Apparently: Portland truck driver apparently kicked unconscious as unrest continues.   Alas, on social media Mrs Obama was upstaged by … Continue reading

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Democrat National Convention begins today

That’s Katie Hopkins with a summary of what’s in store. And this is Rush Limbaugh with some commentary of his own. RUSH: The Democrat National Convention kicks off. Chris Wallace was on Fox over the weekend. It might have been … Continue reading

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HCQ – an immorality tale

A fascinating discussion of the politicisation of HCQ with this as part of a very long story told here: Hydroxychloroquine: A Morality Tale by Dr Norman Doige. No one wants to enter cancel-culture territory but this brings him close. He … Continue reading

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