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The Abbott Cluster

TOXIC white leftist Kristina Kenneally has apparently dobbed Tony Abbott in to the police for riding a bike by himself. Without evidence, she contends that bicycling spreads coronavirus. Perpetually irritable and possibly lonely, the senator has been thinking about the … Continue reading

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“Liberal” calls on NSW government to crack down SS-style

ANOTHER day, another phony Beach Outrage in New South Wales. The inept flipperheads who straight-up killed people via the good offices and diseased cabins of the Ruby Princess have obviously been told to run a blame-the-young panic every 24 hours … Continue reading

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Children come second

An educator will lead our Department of Education. I am proud to nominate Dr. Miguel Cardona to ensure our teachers are taken care of, and our children have an opportunity to thrive. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 23, 2020

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Will Andrews be held responsible at least for this?

Apparently, it seems, Victorian Senior police in the dark over ADF’s refusal to support border closure. One of Victoria’s most senior police officers says he has not been told why the Australian Defence Force cannot provide personnel to support the … Continue reading

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And The Winner Isn’t

AWARDS used to be given to winners, to the best and the fairest. Now, though, committees everywhere give them to political allies who need a prestige boost or a fig leaf for their inadequacies. Shortlists – they’re not as short … Continue reading

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Democrats finish work of their predecessor, John Wilkes Booth

San Francisco to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’.

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ABC feminist encourages women to argue with little boys

Comically insecure sheilas: What to say when your young son says something sexist.

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Jill of Goods

Joseph Epstein’s WSJ column mocking Jill Biden’s academic credentials sounds fantastic. Cue The Outrage: Northwestern University, in Illinois, has moved to distance itself from Epstein. Epstein, who is now aged in his 80s, was an English lecturer there for 30 … Continue reading

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The American Supreme Court has made voter fraud a constitutional right for Democrats

Commentary has virtually disappeared from across the web – and was never found in the Mainstream Media – so I will content myself with this that was posted at Instapundit yesterday. For myself, almost no one really seems to care, … Continue reading

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Daniel Andrews defends the Belt and Road agreement with China

I can never get over how truly lacking in sense and judgement Daniel Andrews is. Of course he is a socialist, but so many of them are. But the lack of sense, his genuine stupidity that forbids him from understanding … Continue reading

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