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Can LDP replace the Liberal Party?

Politically, Australia is facing the complete rout of the liberal concept since March 2020. Leaders from both major parties have brushed off human rights as even being relevant to Australia, such has been the betrayal of liberty. On 10 September … Continue reading

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Craig Kelly leaves the Liberal Party

Via Andrew Bolt: Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal party and will sit out the rest of the term as an independent. Kelly has jumped before he was pushed – his preselection looked threatened – but now represents a danger … Continue reading

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Sound advice

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Risk aversion and the modern socialist

Henry normally puts his articles up by himself, but it’s not here and this one really gets to the heart of one of the critical issues of our time: ‘Official Socialism’ skulking beneath the cover of Covid. I’ll give you … Continue reading

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Neither can the ABC – when will the Morrison government act?

No “stringent editorial policies”: Facebook can’t be trusted for reliable news, says government.

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Ungracious enemies yearn only for war – so give them nothing

McGuire, who grew up in the hardscrabble Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows, is the son of a man who at 12 went to work in Glasgow’s coal mines. Whatever one may think of McGuire, it is beyond dispute that his achievements … Continue reading

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The average American π-Q is pretty dismal

I’m designing a test to measure someone’s πQ, their Political Quotient. So far as I can see, near on half the American population is at the sub-normal level.  If there is not by now major levels of buyer remorse following … Continue reading

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Despite the turmoil of 2020, Australians’ trust in political leaders has surged. If you are a bullshit artist, you will get found out on most days.” – The ABC speaks to Daniel Andrews about the new trust in leaders. Who … Continue reading

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The Pukes of Hazzard

                           ‘Appalling’ Bronte party blasted. It cannot go on. There is still a major risk for us with COVID, and my message to those people and people who know any of those people, is tell them to stop it, cut it … Continue reading

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Rita Rules

IF you missed it last week: Every minute of Rita Panahi’s chat with Dave Rubin is engaging and interesting. I especially liked Rubin’s analysis of occultist loon Tom Cruise. At no point did I think of clicking away.

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