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Barely Ted

 Speak softly and carry a big schtick                                                                                                    Occasionally the stick will have to be put about, whether it’s fines or sanctions in place to ensure we keep everybody safe.” – “Liberal” Scott Morrison wants to punish people who refuse a … Continue reading

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Dealing with mainstream cults

Although the article starts with these two charts, it is not about the Chinese Flu but about why people believe things in spite of all the evidence to show they are utterly untrue. The title is Why Facts Don’t Matter … Continue reading

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Murph the Modeller leaves world’s easiest pandemic gig

Murphy leaves CMO role, warning borders could remain closed until vaccine is developed.   No, it was designed to really just show what might happen if we did nothing — not that we were ever going to do nothing.” – … Continue reading

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June 24, 2010

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Trump rally live replay

Amazing. Spellbinding. PDT starts at around 25 minutes in

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Andrews sacks Somyurek, Albanese moves to kick him out of party. Q: Will VicPol again corruptly protect Premier Andrews – the man who insisted “Pell knew” about crimes?

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Here’s the bad news

From the papers today: Newspoll: Scott Morrison’s record approval rating defies the bad news. Mr Morrison strengthened his position as the preferred prime minister over Labor rival Anthony Albanese, retaining 56 per cent support against 26 per cent for Mr … Continue reading

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She knew Australians loved it

The ABC asks: What did the Queen know about Gough Whitlam’s dismissal?   The final majority, of course, was actually 55 seats – the biggest in Australian history.

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The culture wars have stepped up a notch.

I have been enjoying watching Donald Trump tell the world on Twitter that Twitter itself is stifling free speech. The irony is delicious. Twitter struck back by ‘fact-checking’ some of Trump’s tweets. Now we all know that ‘fact-checking’ is a … Continue reading

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Distancing himself from Democrat lunatics, Fauci backs Trump

Anthony Fauci warns of ‘irreparable damage’ if lockdowns are kept in place for too long. We can’t stay locked down for such a considerable period of time that you might do irreparable damage and have unintended consequences, including consequences for … Continue reading

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