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The Petition-Elect

 News Corporation demands a re-count                                                                                               Kevin Rudd’s Bangladeshi ‘bots’ in media royal commission petition.. An official investigation will scrutinise Kevin Rudd’s petition calling for a media royal commission after it emerged that more than 1000 names were fake, and some … Continue reading

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20 years from now, a Liberal government may prosecute them

Morrison sends troops to save Christmas from South Australian coronavirus outbreak. This is the photograph accompanying that report. Just look at this goofball. • Do not fly the flag upside down, even as a signal of distress. • Do not … Continue reading

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Pell Hath No Jury Like A Woman Scorned

ON last night’s Four Corners, Louise “7-Nilligan” Milligan spoke with Sarah Hanson-Young, Kristina Keneally, a woman who chose to sleep with a minister despite knowing he was married (she said she was eventually “just exhausted” – wink-wink, Tudge-Tudge) and an … Continue reading

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Trump v Biden Debate Open Thread

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You can’t trust government research

Over the past 12 years or so, I’ve had a nice side gig going where I have replicated and critiqued modelling that underpins government policy. To that end I have critiqued the FuelWatch scheme, the GFC stimulus, the mining tax, … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a pioneering figure in the fight for women’s legal equality and the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, died on Friday at the age of 87.

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How do we come out of this alive?

Taken from JobSeeker, JobKeeper ending will reveal massive recession crisis. The core concept of Jobkeeper was all right, to make sure no one was deprived of the ability to buy because they had lost their income. The data in the … Continue reading

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Why has the Covid crisis not disappeared already?

Back in March, there was a vast level of uncertainty over what would happen and how things might unfold. And then there was THE BIG LIE of the time about the need “to flatten the curve” which was a justification … Continue reading

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Millionaires Outraged

Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd unite to pressure Scott Morrison on superannuation guarantee increase.

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Why are our politicians not allowing HCQ to be used in Australia?

It is quite clear that the Chinese flu has become the decisive issue in American politics. Whether we are in a genuine pandemic and whether Donald Trump has taken the right approach or ought to have handled it differently is … Continue reading

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