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How do we come out of this alive?

Taken from JobSeeker, JobKeeper ending will reveal massive recession crisis. The core concept of Jobkeeper was all right, to make sure no one was deprived of the ability to buy because they had lost their income. The data in the … Continue reading

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Why has the Covid crisis not disappeared already?

Back in March, there was a vast level of uncertainty over what would happen and how things might unfold. And then there was THE BIG LIE of the time about the need “to flatten the curve” which was a justification … Continue reading

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Millionaires Outraged

Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd unite to pressure Scott Morrison on superannuation guarantee increase.

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Why are our politicians not allowing HCQ to be used in Australia?

It is quite clear that the Chinese flu has become the decisive issue in American politics. Whether we are in a genuine pandemic and whether Donald Trump has taken the right approach or ought to have handled it differently is … Continue reading

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Have these people never heard of Thalidomide?

These political nongs who run our Parliaments, and who seem never to have run across the concept of personal freedom, have boxed themselves into quite a problem. They have no idea how to call off the Covid dogs. Even with … Continue reading

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I thought Scotty was supposed to be from marketing

Scott Morrison walks back mandatory coronavirus vaccination comments. It’s not going to be compulsory to have the vaccine. There are no mechanisms for compulsory… I mean, we can’t hold someone down and make them take it.” – From “as mandatory … Continue reading

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Stairway To Heaven

DNC Speaker Blames Trump For Her Father Dying Of COVID – That He Caught At Karaoke Bar.

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Victorian lockdown kills record number

ABC, Friday: Victorian numbers cause for cautious optimism restrictions are working. ABC this morning: Victoria records highest daily death toll.   OF course, the spin is that “new cases” are flattening and that’s the main thing. But suppression-by-flattening is an … Continue reading

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The Daniel Andrews cult and the Melbourne Syndrome

I am astonished at the ring of endorsements for Daniel Andrews’ stupendous level of incompetence. Everything he does is filled with massive levels of stupidity which has led to failure at every stage. It is possibly because I have been … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Can the Governor-General abolish Victoria?

NEWS veteran George Donikian has proposed that the Feds take over Victoria before Daniel Andrews and his government preside over an even larger holocaust of death, ineptitude and gestapo thuggery than they already have.   His 12 minute video editorial  (here)  … Continue reading

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