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Victorian lockdown kills record number

ABC, Friday: Victorian numbers cause for cautious optimism restrictions are working. ABC this morning: Victoria records highest daily death toll.   OF course, the spin is that “new cases” are flattening and that’s the main thing. But suppression-by-flattening is an … Continue reading

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The Daniel Andrews cult and the Melbourne Syndrome

I am astonished at the ring of endorsements for Daniel Andrews’ stupendous level of incompetence. Everything he does is filled with massive levels of stupidity which has led to failure at every stage. It is possibly because I have been … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Can the Governor-General abolish Victoria?

NEWS veteran George Donikian has proposed that the Feds take over Victoria before Daniel Andrews and his government preside over an even larger holocaust of death, ineptitude and gestapo thuggery than they already have.   His 12 minute video editorial  (here)  … Continue reading

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Emergency! “Expert” Karens rush to save Andrews government

Coronavirus cases aren’t coming down despite Victoria’s lockdowns. Experts explain why By now the case numbers were hoped to be dramatically lower, says Dr Philip Russo, president of the Australasian College of Infection Prevention and Control. But the fact we … Continue reading

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Nicolle Flint sticks it to the haters at their ABC

The Peter Goers attack is here.

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Frauds, snares and delusions in the age of the rhetorical virus

Just picked up a quite excellent book in our local second-hand bookshop. It is titled, Fallacy: the Counterfeit of Argument, and was written in 1959. By happenstance, this is part of the introduction: The triumph of rhetoric is like the … Continue reading

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Why do Victorians keep voting for Daniel Andrews?

 Science may finally have an answer                                                                                                   Cat mind-altering parasite widespread in Australia: study. A surprising new study suggests two-thirds of Australians have been exposed to a potentially mind-altering cat parasite. Toxoplasma gondii is famous for manipulating the brains of infected … Continue reading

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It’s a horror story so far

But only in November will we know whether it has a happy ending.

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Jeff Kennett and the mess in Victoria

Both are from Andrew Bolt. Kennett does it so naturally you have to wonder why Michael O’Brien can’t do it. But Kennett understands what’s wrong with Daniel Andrews and beyond that can explain it. Even if CV-84 really is the … Continue reading

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Only The Truth – Not a Vaccine – Can Set Us Free

THE Grattan Institute’s Stephen Duckett and Will Mackey are not medicos, epidemiologists or even academic scientists. More importantly perhaps, they’re not historians or philosophers. They’re economists. Duckett is a public servant and Mackey a graduate student. Their thesis – that … Continue reading

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