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Wanna sell a new Aussie drink called “Coca-Cola”?

Maybe taxpayers can help… Australian ugg boot maker loses trademark appeal against US giant Deckers. The multi-year battle over the ugg trademark began in 2016, when Deckers sued Mr [Eddie] Oygur and his company for selling a dozen ugg boots … Continue reading

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UGG mug plays the Oi Oi Oi card

The “quintessential David versus Goliath battle” or a man who didn’t do his homework?

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Legal use of force by private citizens in the US

The legal situation in the US re violence and protection of self and property. [1.] In all states, you can use deadly force to defend yourself against death, serious bodily injury (which can include broken bones and perhaps even lost teeth), rape, … Continue reading

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App Zealot Loses Round One But Others Will Punch On

PETER Vickers will probably be only one of many in Australia’s loathsomely statist “business community” to demand the new dishonestly named “COVIDSafe” app should be compulsory. I won’t blockquote the report on his spectacularly stupid foray into social engineering because … Continue reading

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Bernie Morrison

Ban on $10,000 cash purchases set to become law despite concerns. Laughing Liberals will jail people who spend their own money A controversial bill to ban cash payments over $10,000 and impose two-year jail sentences on those caught using cash … Continue reading

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Johnson to working class base: drop dead (of hypothermia)

James Delingpole: Now Boris’s Green Gestapo Are Coming for Your Coal Fires. From February next year, bags of traditional house coal will be banned from sale, with deliveries of loose coal phased out by 2023. There will also be restrictions … Continue reading

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Dealing with the most important issue of our times

It’s not the first time I’ve brought this up. The first time was in 2014: Airplane etiquette. There in part I wrote: I can understand the fury of anyone already crammed into an economy seat having what room there is … Continue reading

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No rest for the acquitted

Trump Opens National Monument Land to Energy Exploration. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday finalized plans to allow mining and energy drilling on nearly a million acres of land in southern Utah that had once been protected as part … Continue reading

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Scold of The Year wants tax increase, ad bans, lolly crack-down

Australian of the Year calls for sugar tax to fight diabetes-caused blindness. Dr Muecke said a tax on sugary drinks must be on the table as part of efforts to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes – which afflicts at … Continue reading

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News from Tolga and Jo Nova on fire. Update, a new paper from Judy Curry. And why CO2 is not the climate control knob

Our man in Tolga (north Queensland) has written to the local press on the absurd green tape tying up farmers. QUOTE The ever-tightening regulatory stranglehold on farmers by governments “for the health of the Reef (The Express, 21/8) is based … Continue reading

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