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Colonel Graham Goodwin is the man in charge of Yowie Patrol on the South Australia-Victoria border: This is probably a little bit different to what they thought they’d be joining up for, but it is just as important right here, … Continue reading

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Red dots of doom

We’re living through the greatest mass hysteria in modern history and there are no men of reason to end it. "What is remarkable about coronavirus is that if we are infected our chances of dying seems to mirror our chance … Continue reading

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Hero politicians and “experts” are crisis-ing people to death

Breast cancer patient numbers fall during lockdown as COVID crisis deters women from checks. We are seeing a similar decline in notifications across other cancer streams as well.”

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Officialdom and the media to Australians …

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Green light from Eileen

I’ve spoken to my friend Eileen who is a doctor (she has a PhD in Gender Studies) and apparently the coronavirus has agreed to take a few days off to support our cause. ✊ — Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) June … Continue reading

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A message from Bill Maher to our Chief Medical Officer

When he leaves aside the anti-Trump boilerplate and gives his liberal rationality a run, Maher can really nail it. "Being scared of your own hands, that can't become the new normal." — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) May 2, 2020

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We Can’t Build Ventilators But …

Polly Waffle return fast-tracked due to the coronavirus crisis. Via Areff on the Women’s Open. Now see here, Polly Waffle HQ: don’t dud folks size-wise. It’s an old-world bar and we expect old-world value.

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Thanks, Celebrities

Thanks celebrities, for everything you do for us.#giveusyourmoney — Greta Lee Jackson (@gretaleejackson) April 24, 2020

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The Shipping News

★ Raelene Castle will step down as Rugby Australia chief executive. ★ Coronavirus-hit Ruby Princess departs Port Kembla for international waters.

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Man up and do it deliberately …

… like Daniel Andrews’ VAD doctors. This hysterical (in both senses) ad is being run in Oregon and California.

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