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Green light from Eileen

I’ve spoken to my friend Eileen who is a doctor (she has a PhD in Gender Studies) and apparently the coronavirus has agreed to take a few days off to support our cause. ✊ — Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) June … Continue reading

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A message from Bill Maher to our Chief Medical Officer

When he leaves aside the anti-Trump boilerplate and gives his liberal rationality a run, Maher can really nail it. "Being scared of your own hands, that can't become the new normal." — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) May 2, 2020

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We Can’t Build Ventilators But …

Polly Waffle return fast-tracked due to the coronavirus crisis. Via Areff on the Women’s Open. Now see here, Polly Waffle HQ: don’t dud folks size-wise. It’s an old-world bar and we expect old-world value.

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Thanks, Celebrities

Thanks celebrities, for everything you do for us.#giveusyourmoney — Greta Lee Jackson (@gretaleejackson) April 24, 2020

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The Shipping News

★ Raelene Castle will step down as Rugby Australia chief executive. ★ Coronavirus-hit Ruby Princess departs Port Kembla for international waters.

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Man up and do it deliberately …

… like Daniel Andrews’ VAD doctors. This hysterical (in both senses) ad is being run in Oregon and California.

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Breaking news …

Tim Blair: T-Day Looms Tension builds as the release of Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography draws near. How many people will ignore social distancing rules to secure their copy? How many will be trampled to death as frenzied crowds storm bookstores?   … Continue reading

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Concerns Grow

  Last seen at a Sydney leadership forum. Answers to ‘Paul.’ Paul likes newspaper clippings, Mahler and China.

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And no idea

  Donald Trump’s excellent coronavirus virtual town hall was the highest-rating in cable news history.

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COVID-19 Information

Essential Information from the Australian Government COVID-19, Flu or Cold  Australian Health Department  Australian Data COVID Live COVID-19 Policy Watch  COVID Economics  Estimates of R0  World Health Organisation   Worldometer  Our World in Data   Johns Hopkins University  Federal Reserve of St. Louis  Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports  The Economist … Continue reading

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