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German showing the way to the green transition – UPDATED

At the bottom of the post is some commentary on the way hydro and also some kinds of gas  rapidly responded to compensate for short-term falls in the wind and brown coal yesterday (Sunday 24). Prolonged wind drought and freezing … Continue reading

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Do the states have robust plans to pursue net zero?

Have they done their due diligence on the wind supply? An open letter to relevant state ministers, cc to the others in the hope that they are interested. To be sent like the briefing notes of the “iceberg program” that go … Continue reading

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Two views on the green energy transition in Germany

Sweetness and light. Doing it by diversification. It has been legislative action that has resulted in creating historically stable growth for renewable energy in Germany. “The diversification of ownership in Germany’s renewable energy installations is secured through a long term … Continue reading

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CIS Annual Report for 2020

Good to see the wide-ranging agenda, from the bread and butter economic policy issues to the Warlpiri/Celtic woman Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine and Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society. Go that Walpiri/Celtic woman!   Jacinta Nampijinpa Price came from Alice … Continue reading

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Jo Nova on impending declassification of Obamagate documents

This is the story with a video embedded.

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Business as usual at the New York Times

A plaque on the wall at the NYT celebrates the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism that Walter Durante won for his reports on Russia during the famine in the Ukraine. In 1932, Duranty received a Pulitzer Prize for a series of reports about … Continue reading

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The cost and capacity of humungous batteries

Perry Williams continues to provoke wry and disbelieving comments in The Australian with the promotion of RE and most recently the prospect of a billion dollar spend on two new batteries in NSW. Origin and Neoen plan $1bn batteries for … Continue reading

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Blood on whose hands?

In the Kilcullen piece I don’t see any reference to the allegations that: LINK TO VIDEO OF SOME OF THE FOLLOWING  Antifa sent out instructions to their people to dress up in MGA gear and mingle with the Trump supporter … Continue reading

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I have got a dollar

that says there are bound to be Antifa agents among the Trump demonstrators looking for opportunities to discredit the movement. Fully admitting that there are loose cannons on the non-left as well. But we don’t have to worry in Australia … Continue reading

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Speaking of the future, what did someone say about the road to serfdom?

A few years ago there was a flurry of activity in some circles when some left liberals called out Hayek for being crazy to suggest that there was a slippery slope to serfdom. A sample. Much of what is said … Continue reading

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