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Thank you, Catherine McGregor

This fusillade is superb. Read it all. Keep your tears to yourself, Mr Morrison. Defend our men.

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Victoria Police: not only corrupt but lazy and incompetent

Just ask Dr Prasannan Ponganamparambile.

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Democrat insurrectionists begin a long-expected siege

New York Times: Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court.   Note the sales pitch borrowed directly from the ‘pandemic’ hoax: “There’s growing recognition that the Supreme Court poses a danger to the health and well-being of the … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas puts a shot across Big Tech’s bow

THE United States Supreme Court has vacated a 2019 decision of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that Donald Trump had violated the Constitution by blocking critics on Twitter. The briefly upheld argument was that tweets authored by the nation’s … Continue reading

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V-J Day

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Nazis are not welcome here

Canadian police tried to shut down a POLISH church on Easter. The Polish have a PROFOUND understanding of totalitarianism (fascism, communism) and sent the police away! #COVID1984 — Geopolitics & Empire (@Geopolitics_Emp) April 3, 2021

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More than a thousand years building the rule of law

But what have we done for you lately? Seems to be some criticism that women aren’t sorting change fast enough DESPITE Brittany Higgins/Grace Tame/thousands of others working towards it. I’d love to hear what some men are doing to sort … Continue reading

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Barrie, Wendy and Henry discuss justice

There’s only one reason we can’t take to all of them with a firing squad or a nulla nulla: Also quite strange when we live in a country with a culture orders and orders of magnitude older than anybody else. … Continue reading

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The butcher’s bill for getting Trump

“…the most murders ever recorded since the federal government began keeping logs…”

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Addicted To Shove

ANGRY Kristina Keneally – whose natural comeliness seems to be yielding to the inner toxins of habituated umbrage – begins this well-rehearsed Sunday talking point with a sigh before speaking for “Australian women.” You never hear a male politician speaking … Continue reading

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