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Do you KNOW who I am?!

Dear @cityofmelbourne @SallyCapp_ I am a doctor at the Royal #Melbourne ICU. I worked 56 hours over four days in helping look after some of our state’s sickest patients. At 10pm last night, I left work to find a fine … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Can the Governor-General abolish Victoria?

NEWS veteran George Donikian has proposed that the Feds take over Victoria before Daniel Andrews and his government preside over an even larger holocaust of death, ineptitude and gestapo thuggery than they already have.   His 12 minute video editorial  (here)  … Continue reading

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The Sanctity of The Scheme

I’m very keen to make sure that – [contra] the onus of proof – we have the sanctity of the scheme absolutely protected in the interest of everybody.” – NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance told Ray Hadley today that when … Continue reading

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Remembering George Floyd: Now they can’t breathe either

Endorsed by Joe Biden: Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder.

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NSW Police this afternoon sought a Supreme Court order – decision currently adjourned – to block a planned “Black Lives Matter” march in Sydney on Tuesday. But Commissioner Mick Fuller says police will fine those in attendance regardless of what … Continue reading

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True here too

No doubt Cats have seen the news: Mark and Patricia McCloskey  are being prosecuted for defending their property. As it turns out, even in the unlikely event of a jury conviction the Missouri governor will pardon them. But what caught … Continue reading

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Ghislaine Maxwell is entitled to the presumption of innocence

THE Daily Mail-style entertainment event and the conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein are at least founded on demonstrable wrongdoing: he was convicted of offences involving an underage girl and – now that he’s dead – there is no need to … Continue reading

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Well may we say ‘God save the Queen …’

 …because Hocking will save the Governor-General                                                                           BACK in May, Whitlam biographer Professor Jenny Hocking was thrilled by the High Court’s decision to allow the National Archives to release the so-called “Palace Letters” between Governor-General Sir John Kerr and the Queen. … Continue reading

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ASIO, Beyond The Pale and Black Lives Matter

 Somebody please explain to Mike Burgess what an old phrase means                                             AT Friday’s hearings of the parliamentary inquiry examining proposed amendments that would allow ASIO to interrogate minors as young as 14 and attach tracking devices to cars without a … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. The problem with the police

Virtually all political persuasions agree on the need for police. For libertarians, maintaining a criminal justice system, of which the police are a major component, is viewed as one of the few legitimate roles of government. The first modern and … Continue reading

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