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We are experiencing difficulty …

As many now realise the Cat is misbehaving. Even as we speak – or not actually – our dedicated team of experts are rounding up virgins to sacrifice to the volcano gods, who will then intercede on our behalf with … Continue reading

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Moving and not moving

Hello Cats. 2021 has started out as a rather poor year for TAFKAS.  Several crappy issues in the first 8 days were topped off by a ladder fall yesterday resulting in a broken foot. Anyhoo.  TAFKAS is moving to SubStack.  … Continue reading

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New Threadsters

Some will have noticed that Graeme Bird has been very active trying to post into the threads over the past few weeks. Consequently I’m being very risk averse in allowing new threadsters.

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Story behind the banner

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Cold turkey

We’ve all had a weekend of cold turkey – no Cat comments. I have made several requests over the past week or so for a greater level of civility on the Open Forums – especially towards fellow Cat threadsters. My … Continue reading

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To remind ourselves

In days gone by individuals of like mind might have met up at the pub and had an evening of fine companionship. This companionship would have consisted of people coming and going, of shouting and debating, disputing facts and comments, … Continue reading

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The C Was Angry That Day, My Friends

SPIRITS combative and fractious descended on Catallaxy’s usually Algonquin Round Table-esque Open Forum yesterday. The topic was, of course, coronavirus – a topic so excruciatingly inescapable it’s like binge-enduring 20 years of climate change Q&As in one evening. No surprise … Continue reading

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During the Covid-19 crisis

Gentlepeople – during the crisis I’ll be opening up more discussion threads in order the keep the conversation going. The auto-moderator is holding up a lot of comments – so this morning I woke up to over 200 comments being … Continue reading

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I’m off again

Conspiring to overthrow the government and destroy the Westphalian state is tiring work.  I also have an excessive leave balance that HR has been sending me rude emails about, then my boss, then his boss … So I’m off for … Continue reading

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Rest for the wicked 2019 It is has been a long, hard, year conspiring to overthrow the government, masterminding the destruction of the Westphalian state, and bringing about the end of the abomination that is fiat currency. So I’m off for a few days … Continue reading

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