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With masterful timing, pontiff talks up the Cuban model

          Pope Francis reappears after surgery – calls for free universal healthcare. Your vocation as a Church is not to have money but to be of service, and service is always free.” – Communism No one would remember the Good Samaritan … Continue reading

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Real communism has been tried many many times …

Jordan Peterson responds to "REAL communism has never been tried" and murders it with fire 🔥⚰️ — Not the Bee (@Not_the_Bee) May 25, 2021 … and it’s always been a disaster. They are still trying. Millions of others say … Continue reading

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The vaccines don’t work – Joe Biden

The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours. — President Biden (@POTUS) May 13, 2021

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Public Safety

The crisis advocacy director, Human Rights Watch: “No-one is safe until everyone is safe.” Fans banned from Western Derby between West Coast and Fremantle amid COVID fears.

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Speaking of the future, what did someone say about the road to serfdom?

A few years ago there was a flurry of activity in some circles when some left liberals called out Hayek for being crazy to suggest that there was a slippery slope to serfdom. A sample. Much of what is said … Continue reading

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The pope appoints Sharan Burrow to reform world economy

YES, really. The Argentinian pontiff wants Burrow to help advise a new Vatican body tasked with “reforming capitalism.” By “reforming capitalism,” he means the forced inauguration of a China-style global corporatism governed by a creepy elite the Vatican is calling … Continue reading

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The Australian and the LNP think the state “shouts” us things

The “free” lunch is finally here: NSW budget: state to shout you lunch, pay for the movies.

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Saving Grace

I will begin with a single statement: if you do not already subscribe to Quadrant, then you should; it is the best political magazine of conservative thought in the world and I read them all. Subscribe here. Here is only … Continue reading

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These socialists are so ignorant

Loved the front page quote in The Oz today from the Leader of the Opposition: “I want a country that makes things, creates wealth – and shares it.” That is, of course, what we already have. That is what the … Continue reading

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Everyone Just Needs To Have A Cold Shower

THE utter contempt for the public from the governing class – and not since colonial times have they constituted such a distinct, lavishly enriched class – is something only electoral destruction can possibly correct. The more likely outcome in Queensland, … Continue reading

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