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Parliamentary democracy – gone to the Dapto dogs

Ray texts Brad. Brad tells lawyers to amend “the orders.” Brad signs “orders” into “law.” Well, contrary to one international leader’s certainty that we’ll get it, I don’t share that certainty. We’ve never had a vaccine for a coronavirus.” – … Continue reading

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While Joe Blow in Cooktown scans himself into a bait shop…

Annastacia Palaszczuk flying out to Tokyo tonight. So much for the “war” on coronavirus, right?

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Berejiklian orders police to force redefinition of family

THESE ‘new Australians’ are what ‘old Australians’ were like until fairly recently. The New South Wales Liberal government is sending in the storm-troopers this morning to force them to become more like everybody else. Who knows? A generation from now, … Continue reading

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Don’t ever change, socialists

Spare a thought for “disaster.” Even by its rugged standards, the word is carrying a load here: Premier says ‘it would be a disaster’ if she didn’t fly to Tokyo for crucial Olympic talks.  

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Brad: “But right now the most dangerous place is actually our homes.” Glad: “So we say to everybody, stay at home…”

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“This new position will be integral to our effort to win the November 2022 election”

Well, here’s news: Michael O’Brien’s Chief of Staff shown the door. OPPOSITION leader Michael O’Brien’s chief of staff has been sidelined following a review of his office. Mr O’Brien on Friday announced Brett Hogan would leave his team and take … Continue reading

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Sergio’s promising future as a Lexus salesman killed in a tweet

I can’t understand the pile onto Queensland’s Dr Young.Isn’t it the job of these Medical Officers to identify risks and stop people from dying?Why can’t the system acknowledge AstraZeneca is a dud, devoid of public confidence, and move onto Pfizer … Continue reading

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Sneakers McGowan on crack

“It’s just not right. We need to crack down on this… we should actually crack down hugely…”

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Baby, Please Don’t Go

                You can still get COVID-19 … even if you’re vaccinated against it. Just because you are vaccinated, don’t consider you can’t get the disease. So, again, I am saying if you are an essential worker and you have got symptoms … Continue reading

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We’re throwing a Marx party, they told her. Karl, not Groucho.

An image of the Tasmanian Labor leader has surfaced hours after it was revealed his new adviser was a former Communist Party member.

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