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Woke Liberals want anonymous reporting of ‘sexual assaults’

What could possibly go wrong – in Victoria?

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Malcolm Ex

BREAKING | Malcolm Turnbull dumped from NSW government climate advisory role. The former prime minister, a fierce critic of coal, backed a moratorium on new coal mines in NSW, angering many Liberal and National MPs. John Barilaro had voted in … Continue reading

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It’s only right that you should pay for a millionaire to be buried

Carla Zampatti will be given a state funeral after family accepts NSW government’s offer.

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The Liberal Party: protecting Australia from left-wing extremism

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It is possible Victoria may soon have a Leader of the Opposition

Liberal MP Brad Battin (left) is challenging Michael O’Brien for the party’s top job. Brad Battin to challenge Michael O’Brien for Victorian Liberals leadership. The subhead to the story reads: The Victorian Liberals are divided over Tuesday’s shock leadership challenge, … Continue reading

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Victoria is heading for financial disaster

Victoria is heading for financial disaster that will make the lockdown look like a minor incident along the road to Dan Andrew’s destruction of the state he has been overseeing. It’s only a small story, of course, but at least … Continue reading

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Who’s this fellow O’Brien?

First there was this: ‘I will lead from the front’: Michael O’Brien says he’s right man for Victoria. This is what he specifically said. You tell me what he stands for. “Every single day I get up, I’m determined to … Continue reading

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Is there no end to these right-wing extremists?

Lucky Australia has no pandemic. This doesn't deter the provincial tinpots who run the states. Media-addicted windbag Dan Andrews, whose govt in Victoria slashed public health, has locked down Melbourne yet again. Tennis players in the Aust Open are exempt … Continue reading

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The State vs. Pineapple

IT’s one of the most strange and outlandish elections in the history of Australian local government. Piquing the interest of national media, today’s Rockhampton mayoralty by-election is also as Queensland as Joh, XXXX, the Maroons and the summer pong of … Continue reading

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Corrupt cops may have been using a second snitch lawyer

Unlike Nicola Gobbo, this one was assassinated. Victoria Police ordered to reveal whether gangland lawyer Joseph Acquaro was an informer.   I’m less interested at this point in VicPol’s habit of rigging prosecutions than I am in the DPP’s unwillingness … Continue reading

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