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When all else fails, find a “death threat”

I’M not worried about the so-called “death threats” which Queensland’s governing class – the chummy, COVID-hysterical, them-against-us Karenclatura of police, medical “officials,” journalists and Annastacia Palaszczuk – has suddenly invented to silence criticism of unctuous virus czar Jeanette Young. We’ve … Continue reading

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“Police threaten Melbourne residents”… news at 11

THE ABC’s abridged main page teaser version of this report raised both of my eyebrows: “Victoria Police say a new offence will be created…” Since when do police “create” new “offences”? Well, since Cuomo-on-the-Yarra Daniel Andrews began using the nation’s … Continue reading

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Everyone Just Needs To Have A Cold Shower

THE utter contempt for the public from the governing class – and not since colonial times have they constituted such a distinct, lavishly enriched class – is something only electoral destruction can possibly correct. The more likely outcome in Queensland, … Continue reading

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Well, maybe, perhaps

It’s a survey in Victoria by the Libs in five swing seats. The election is two years from now by which time the lockdowns will probably be over so it hardly matters. It would have been interesting to have asked … Continue reading

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The insane and the invisible

The insane is obvious. The invisible is the Liberal Leader of the Opposition in Victoria, in fact virtually the entire Liberal Party within the state. The whole world can see what a massive disaster is unfolding. This however is the … Continue reading

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Russian tyrant defamed

Clive Palmer has compared the leadership of @DanielAndrewsMP and @MarkMcGowanMP to that of Joseph Stalin during an interview with Sky News. — Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) August 30, 2020

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He Shall NEVER Surrender

If there is a bunch of people who want to criticise me for that, go do it, fine. If that makes you feel better, fine. We made a commitment, it is not universally popular but we made the commitment and … Continue reading

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Colonel Quigley

This extraordinary language is usually heard from a uniformed Latin-American wearing aviators and a beret: We’ve got to unleash the left hook today. We’ve got to knock him down today. There is too much at risk for all Western Australians … Continue reading

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Breaking: Andrews’ masked lockdown kills record number

There were 410 new cases of #coronavirus (#COVID19) detected in Victoria in the last 24 hours. We are sad to report that there have been 21 deaths.#Covid19VicData — VicGovDHHS (@VicGovDHHS) August 11, 2020

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Nothing Is More Important

‘The future of the season is in their hands’: Palaszczuk’s NRL warning. The Deputy Premier and Chief Health Officer are in constant contact with the NRL. I will be reminding the NRL the future of the season is in their … Continue reading

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