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Jeff Kennett and the mess in Victoria

Both are from Andrew Bolt. Kennett does it so naturally you have to wonder why Michael O’Brien can’t do it. But Kennett understands what’s wrong with Daniel Andrews and beyond that can explain it. Even if CV-84 really is the … Continue reading

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Peeping nong blames voters for his own shameful cowardice

Coronavirus quarantine crackdown to stop Queensland becoming another Victoria. Don’t think we’re not watching you. We see what happens when you drop the ball on coronavirus. The issue for all Queenslanders here is don’t be complacent, you’ve got to be … Continue reading

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Off with his head

I’m having trouble working out whether this is a positive story or a hatchet job: Explosive text messages of a Labor political ‘assassin’. It’s the lead story in The Oz. It begins: The federal Labor MP embroiled in the branch-stacking … Continue reading

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Noisy “Pell knew” campaigners give Annastacia a pass

 It’s not about the children. It’s about the side.                                                                                     Secret report reveals Palaszczuk Government knew about Mason Lee failings for years but sacked no-one.   WHEN the redactions of Julia Gillard’s Royal Commission Into Getting George Pell (RCIGGP) were published … Continue reading

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She gave the green light to a huge political rally in Brisbane …

… but today she banned the Gold Coast Suns from inviting a sub 1,000 ‘crowd’ to its 20,000 seat stadium. This just in: Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says. Preliminary evidence from the earliest outbreaks indicated that … Continue reading

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The Townsville Tragedy

THE horrific deaths of four young teenagers in a Townsville car crash early Sunday morning will be the subject of a lengthy, painful investigative process but a few important claims – it is too early to call them facts – … Continue reading

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Pudding Lane Theory

THE ABC’s state political reporter Allyson Horn does not want Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk blamed for the Nathan Turner debacle. She argues the fire of controversy that engulfed the Blackwater man’s negative COVID-19 status this week took hold because “the information … Continue reading

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Victorian government decides that Black Lives Don’t Matter

Last week is a foreign country; they did things differently there. The Financial Review, 29 May: “For all of June, at least June, and it could go beyond that, if you have been working from home, you must continue working … Continue reading

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Government clerics knew but did nothing about fatal abuse

All 12 walked free: ‘Hang their heads in shame’: No sackings after Mason Lee death.   Yesterday’s coronial findings were a disgraceful indictment of a Queensland government that protected its own but not little Mason. As a formerly celebrated journalist … Continue reading

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NSW public sector wage freeze won’t have support of Shooters, Fishers and Farmers. GLADYS Berejiklian’s admirable ambition to rein in the NSW budget as a pandemic and panic-driven recession looms on the economic horizon has been dealt a predictable blow … Continue reading

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