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Vaping and combustible cigarettes are substitutes

Late last year I pointed out that the so-called gateway from vaping to combustible cigarettes was based on dodgy statistics. Nonetheless the Australian government remains committed to vaping being outlawed – or only available under prescription. In the meantime the … Continue reading

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Trust The Science

#COVID19 vaccination: 23 elderly people dead after Pfizer shot in Norway — Business Today (@BT_India) January 16, 2021

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CIS critique of the Covid lockdown

Monica Wilkie on Lockdown  

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Dodgy stats on the Gateway Hypothesis

Once upon a time the Gateway Hypothesis* related to the fact that people who smoked cigarettes might at some point attempt to consume marijuana and/or cocaine. Cigarette consumption has collapsed in many countries, yet people still seem to consume marijuana … Continue reading

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“What’s that Skippy? Nicotine consumption continues to increase?”

Who would have thought that after years and years of glorious plain packaging laws that nicotine consumption in Australia would be increasing? Who could have predicted such a thing? Well, it turns out that the in-the-pocket-of-big-tobacco Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission … Continue reading

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This line is never ending. Despite hundreds and hundreds of officers around the shrine police seem to have lost control of this pack. @9NewsMelb — Lana Murphy (@LanaMurphy) October 23, 2020

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Floyd-Lewis vaccine is the most promising developed so far

The Western left is exactly like the old Soviet politburo – zooming through red lights in their chauffeured ZiLs. DC Mayor Exempts John Lewis Funeral Attendees From Quarantine Restrictions. But remember your grandma can’t have a funeral because her life … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order. This comprehensive claim to control virtually every aspect of a person’s life is something we normally associate with a prison, not a free society governed by the rule of law.” – Justice Daniel … Continue reading

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The Young Disgrace

MY thanks to Twostix – site master of every PR scam on the go surrounding the phony war on coronavirus – for alerting me earlier today to Dr Jeannette Young’s admission that she mum-lied to the Queensland public about the … Continue reading

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Slip, Slop, Slap, Surrender

Downloading the app ‘like putting on sunscreen to go outside’, PM says. Note that this is a deliberately mendacious analogy. The app cannot protect you from catching the virus. “We are seeking the goodwill and support and participations of Australians … Continue reading

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