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Mentioned in despatches

I saw somewhere in the news that people were carrying on about fossil fuel subsidies and had a vague memory that I had looked into them once. Now I did recall writing something for the Minerals Council on this. Lucking … Continue reading

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Do-gooders destroying kids’ incentives to save

Stories like this make me very angry: For nearly a century, Commonwealth Bank’s Dollarmites program was aimed at teaching school kids a life-long lesson to save. A staple in most primary schools across the country, the junior banking program, in … Continue reading

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Politicians being held to account

Many Cats would have seen this clip of the UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer being thrown out of a pub by a disgruntled landlord. A UK pub owner kicks out a pro-lockdown politician. This is the most satisfying video … Continue reading

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More Fake News from their ABC

Okay – I’ll admit, I’ve been enjoying myself far too much on social media. When the ADF announced it was prioritising female recruitment this wasn't what I was expecting. — $inclair Davidson (@SincDavidson) April 15, 2021 I know right! … Continue reading

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How public health would report this statistic

Oxford University have produced a Covid-Risk calculator calibrated for the UK; I imagine for Australians it would produce a very slight over estimation of the risk. But not much. So I filled in the details – leaving the UK post … Continue reading

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What they said: “We need to listen to the experts”

Last year: Today:

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Tobacco Control peddling conspiracy theories

Some good news – Tasmanian legislation to raise the age of smoking from 18 to 21 has gone down, in flames, in the Tasmanian Parliament. During debate in the upper house on Tuesday, Mr Dean pointed out to his colleagues … Continue reading

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Malcolm Ex

BREAKING | Malcolm Turnbull dumped from NSW government climate advisory role. The former prime minister, a fierce critic of coal, backed a moratorium on new coal mines in NSW, angering many Liberal and National MPs. John Barilaro had voted in … Continue reading

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An ethical way to die. Thanks, ABC

December 2017: Why some people see ‘dumpster diving’ as an ethical way to eat. I saw this on the abc and wondered where some good places are in Brisbane to do this.” (Best places to dumpster dive). Today: Police warn … Continue reading

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How is this a hit job?

I missed this story during the week. When the Australian Financial Review and senior reporter Aaron Patrick set their sights on Samantha Maiden for what is known in journalism as a “hit job”, one could have been excused for expecting … Continue reading

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