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The Guardian supported slavery II

Remember – you read it here first. Update: Sign the Petition.  (HT: Alain)

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This is what you get for $1 billion

Michael Rowland asks the question: Full disclosure: I haven’t seen Gone with the Wind either. To ask the question, “Is censorship justified in this instance?”, is beyond poor form.  In what world is the answer to this question “Yes”?

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The Guardian supported slavery

Well, well, well. The things you discover on the internet. Here is a letter from 2008: Black History Month might be a good time to confront the Guardian’s record of supporting the confederacy’s “self determination” in the American civil war. The … Continue reading

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Earth to media: nobody cares any more. It’s over.

Coronavirus Australia update: Australia surpasses 1.5 million test milestone.

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Was George Pell a Political Prisoner?

The wrongful imprisonment of George Pell was not an accident or flaw in the system. It was a product of a system tainted by soft political corruption, i.e. Victoria Police and the Victorian criminal justice system, being institutions captured by … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the latest Pell revelations

All the luvvies who were out and about crapping on about the sanctity of jury trials and only juries can make findings of fact are crapping on about findings made by the Royal Commission. In essence, the commission has rejected … Continue reading

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Cian Hussey: Guardian Australia Reporting On Green Tape Inaccurate And Misleading

In an article today, the Guardian Australia outline a flawed critique of the Institute of Public Affairs’ latest research report The Growth and Complexity of Environmental Regulation. The report is based on a quantitative analysis of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation … Continue reading

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Just like Australia was when he was thrown out of office

Oh, I’d be wounded! I’d just be a crumpled mess in the corner!” ~~~~~~~~~~~ – Malcolm Turnbull on suggestions he be expelled from the Liberal Party. (In a chat to be streamed Monday night for the Sydney Writers Festival).

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Experts as human shields

So here is an interesting situation. The South Australian teachers union smeared the South Australian Chief Medical Officer over the whole business of keeping schools open. The smear sheet was part of the union’s #keepthemhome campaign urging parents to ignore … Continue reading

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A rogue’s gallery of Pell haters

Lest we forget. The Board of the ABC. Where does the buck stop?

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