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All Nigels Now

January was so long ago: EU tells Nigel Farage to ‘leave and take his flags with him.’ People all over Italy burning the EU flag and playing their National Anthem. — Don’tCareWhatYouThink (@DontCareWhatYo2) March 29, 2020 Take the ashes … Continue reading

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“scantily clad figures” from movies rated M

The Currency Lad draws our attention to the latest sex scandal to rock the nations capital. The Australian has more information: The “scantily clad’’ figures in the office of Fair Work deputy president Gerard Boyce scantily-clad” figurines in the office of … Continue reading

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Remind me: Who won the last election?

Update: From the Hansard: Senator KENEALLY (New South Wales—Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (15:55): I move: That the Senate— (a) notes that:    (i) on the same day that Queensland Police Commissioner, Ms Katarina Carroll, said it was inappropriate … Continue reading

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Australians woke t0 the rather breathless news that ASIO had smashed a spy ring and was protecting us from unprecedented threats. …  Mr Burgess said ASIO had intercepted and disrupted a foreign intelligence service agent sent as a “sleeper” agent to … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Why the need for spin?

Respectable people can think there is human-induced climate change.  And that, on balance, it is a bad thing (likely more harmful the greater and the faster it is).  And that it is worth considering whether, and if so, how, public … Continue reading

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From 1945 to 2020

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The Intellectuals and Climate Change

Here is a money quote out of Hayek’s essay “The Intellectuals and Socialism”. Hayek’s writing is not joy to read so I have put stuff in square  brackets to make his meaning clearer. It is clear enough in the context … Continue reading

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Talk about chutzpah

Got to love the Liberal NSW state MP who is a member of the actual government which has responsibility for police, fire, emergency, land management, forestry, national parks etc etc lambasting Morrison. Breathtaking. Spider in comments

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The late great Ray Evans on the lessons of Black Saturday

In 1966 the Victorian government published a booklet entitled Summer Peril. On the cover was a terrifying photo of the 1964 Lorne bushfire. The foreword was by the Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, who began: “Over the years our state of Victoria … Continue reading

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Just bulldoze it

CCTV installed at Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate cemetery – deterrent after it was twice defaced this year.

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