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Who conducted that opinion poll?

The luddites at the Australian Human Rights Commission want the government to ban facial recognition technology. But that isn’t what most captured my attention in that story. A poll of 1,100 Australians conducted by Essential Research for the Australia Institute’s … Continue reading

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Google experiments: ACCC to be humiliated?

As Cats know the Australian legacy media have been conspiring with the Australian federal government (and it’s so-called ‘independent’ agency the ACCC) to impose a tax* on Facebook and Google. Under the proposal Facebook and Google would have to pay … Continue reading

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The world of the future may already be here

As it always is. Although even I knew the song. From See Boston Dynamics robots show off seriously impressive dance moves.

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Open letter to Australians

It is long over-due that the Australian government stops sabotaging the Australian economy. Mel Silva – Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand lets them know. ~*~ We need to let you know about new Government regulation that will … Continue reading

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Two months ago, the “experts” said we would all die without it

Despite 6 million downloads, COVIDSafe yet to detect any unknown coronavirus contacts.

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The non-mandatory app

Huge debate raging on social media – the non-mandatory tracing app that the Morrison government (or is it the unelected, unaccountable, unconstitutional “National Cabinet”) is foisting upon us. Now it turns out that Barnaby Joyce has the right approach – … Continue reading

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Linemen For The Country

As Australians Google Depression recipes, two millionaires squabble                                         Only in a second-rate nation would two former leaders fight for history’s honours – over telephone wiring. Before Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison sabotaged the NBN after 2013, Oz was on track for 98% full-fibre to … Continue reading

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The tech-lash is so March 2020

The ACCC just can’t help themselves – to be fair they have been relaxing a lot of their anti-business regulations – they are still stuck with the notion that so-called big-tech is a problem.  ACCC chairman Rod Sims has vowed … Continue reading

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Anti-tech silliness

From a long think piece in the AFR: Decades from now, historians will likely look back on the beginning of the 21st century as a period when the smartest minds in the world’s richest country sank their talent, time and … Continue reading

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Crap about tech

News Corp technology journalist, Jennifer Dudley Nicholson, had a list of seven things that “big tech” needs to do to “regain our trust” in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. Don’t be evil anymore (and start by being upfront) Stop tracking us when … Continue reading

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