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Rudd and Turnbull on News Corp: Worth a second look?

GOING out on a limb here, I know, but I doubt The Australian’s Jess Malcolm – or, indeed, anyone else writing virus porn for the now lunar News Corp – has ever had to manhandle a refrigerator or a wardrobe … Continue reading

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Nice house you’ve got there…

‘Double dip’ recession can be avoided if more people get COVID-19 vaccines, NAB boss says. Our intention is to keep homeowners in their homes as much as we possibly can and work with them. We want to get people through … Continue reading

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No tickee, no laundry social credit

LOL. They pretend it’s for our sake. — Ben Davis (@BenDavisCP) July 20, 2021

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Aussie Fivers

                    COVID lockdown highlights the best of our society, not the worst. Millions of people who will in all likelihood never get COVID… have lost their liberty, generally without complaint. We are seeing the best of our society, not the worst.” … Continue reading

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We Have Arrested A Boy

#ARRESTED| We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy. The 12-year-old from #Solihull has been taken to custody. Thanks to everyone … Continue reading

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If Canadian leftists had any honour, they’d torch the state

An editorial in the National Catholic Register debunks North America’s latest left-wing con.

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Vikki Campion guest post. Who is protecting the streets?

A Commonwealth fund originally intended to keep you safe walking home from the pub is now being used to stop terrorist attacks on mosques. As horrific as terrorism is, terrorism prevention should not be at the expense of the young … Continue reading

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Berejiklian orders police to force redefinition of family

THESE ‘new Australians’ are what ‘old Australians’ were like until fairly recently. The New South Wales Liberal government is sending in the storm-troopers this morning to force them to become more like everybody else. Who knows? A generation from now, … Continue reading

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North America is now controlled by terrorists, basically

The Canadian government has announced this it is expanding ‘Pride Month’ for the entire summer and calling it ‘Pride Season’. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 2, 2021

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NSW police assault elderly couple for not wearing masks

Video: NSW store owners arrested in violent clash with police over mask rules.

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