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Happy Australia Day

Liam Hemsworth and others are spruiking nonsense which is also being taught to school children as they protest against ‘invasion day’: We are spiritually and culturally connected to this country. This country was criss-crossed by generations of brilliant Nations. Aboriginal … Continue reading

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New US protectionism confirmed

America sinks further into protectionism, imposing costs on taxpayers and foreigners. President Biden is set to sign an order that will revise the definition of American-made products as he seeks to boost government procurement of U.S. goods. Inability to understand … Continue reading

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It’s official “the politics of carbon is ended”!

In an article in the Spectator on Friday last week, I suggested that the Biden Administration was going to take drastic action and work with the EU to impose trade restraints on nations that they deem to be inadequately toeing … Continue reading

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Australia will share the adverse economic fallout from Biden’s energy policies

I have just had a piece published in the Spectator on the disaster that is the Biden energy policy and the contagion it will pass onto Australia where the politicians, if they are not part of the problem, are already … Continue reading

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150 years on, Germany’s past shows fragility of freedom

Today in The Australian One hundred and fifty years ago this week, on January 18, 1871, the German empire was proclaimed in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors, which the troops of the German states had just captured in the Franco-Prussian war … Continue reading

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Biden survivor speaks out

Today is yet again another difficult day for survivors of sexual violence. While I'm thankful Trump was defeated, the idea of the man who assaulted me as our president is still terribly painful. I will be sharing resources for survivors … Continue reading

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1776 Commission

The Report of the 1776 Commission appointed by Donald Trump was released on 18 January and is a well written rebuttal to identity politics. Of course the usual left wing revisionist historians have come out against the report, but it … Continue reading

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Trump’s loss: the treason of the intellectuals

The following is a condensed version of a piece in the Spectator, where I explore causes and consequences of the Democrats seizure of power in the US. One of the truly remarkable developments over the past half-century is the reversal and the … Continue reading

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America’s democracy designed to survive Trump crisis

Today in The Australian The genius of democracy lies in converting adversaries into rivals, channelling their enmity into organised and orderly political competition. But because that competition relies on passions as much as on interests, there is always a risk … Continue reading

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With Trump it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault

While Trump is living in LaLa Land fuming about a ‘stolen election’ and all of his erstwhile supporters who have failed him, I doubt he will ever come to the realisation that the election loss is his own responsibility, even … Continue reading

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