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Government tumescency expands another notch

Welcome to the world where facts count for little. Two plastered staffers enter Parliament House, have sex – one says non-consensually – in the Minister of Defence’s office; the security staff freeze, and instead of them both being summarily sacked, … Continue reading

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Australia Post turns drama into soap opera

Today in The Australian On December 22, 1988, Ralph Willis, who had recently become minister for communications in the third Hawke government, met with George Maltby, the managing director of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission, and demanded his resignation.

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Holgate’s Gender Defence Pathetic and Insulting to Women

Christine Holgate is an opportunist if ever there was one. She is playing the “Canberra Bubble” game to boost her seemingly upcoming unlawful “termination” (aka resignation) lawsuit off the back of the Brittany Higgins scandal. She is hoping to shakedown a feeble … Continue reading

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Australia Post and Christine Holgate

One of the justifications for large CEO salaries is that their positions are vulnerable – they can be fired by the Board for pretty much any reason, or no reason at all. The ability of the Board to hire and … Continue reading

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Let us give thanks to politicians for correcting our failings

Discovering and exterminating the hidden code in words is yet another reason why we lesser people need the wisdom and perspicuity of those we elect to Parliament.  Politicians’ extraordinary intellects see the Big Picture and are able to garnish our … Continue reading

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The addling of the brains of our young

I think the crisis in confidence over the legitimacy of the west and its institutions, values and history can be sheeted home to the march of so-called critical theory through our universities – a pernicious ideology that is anti-intellectual and … Continue reading

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Please start your own fear-removal experiments – a report on what I’ve found to date

The West Australian election result on 13 March 2021 was a big eye-opener so on 17 March 2021 I posted “a possible way forward to douse the covid hysteria“. From 19 March 2021 I started my experiments in the removal … Continue reading

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To be righteous is one thing, to be right another

Today in The Australian The Liberal staffers who videoed themselves masturbating in Parliament House are morons, not monsters. And if we gasp at Andrew Laming’s conduct, it is less because it was manifestly unethical than because it shows, all too … Continue reading

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Australia facing US senescence and a buoyant, aggressive China

While the US is spending $4 trillion in subsidies and measures that are intended to cripple low cost non wind/solar energy, China, the western democracies’ adversary is doing nothing of the sort. (A piece in the Oz distorted by the … Continue reading

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The Birdsville Statement of the Ovaries

Now that Morrison has embraced identity politics as the solution to life’s problems I personally don’t think his mooted women’s quota goes far enough or is permanent enough to solve the historic and systemic injustice women suffer in Parliament House. … Continue reading

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