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That’s not a tax increase.  This is a tax increase!

Picture the scene. On the sidelines of the Conference of CLOWN (Centre Lefts of World Nations), normally held in the off season at Davos, but this year by video conference. Australian politician and former shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen gets up … Continue reading

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CovidWaste, sorry Covid Safe

So.  Hows that CovidSafe app going?  You know the one that cost $1.5 million plus probably another $1m to advertise. How is that going?  You know the app that is part of our work to slow the spread of COVID-19. … Continue reading

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The debate is over. We NEED tax reform now.

Australia can’t afford to wait and waste any more time.  We NEED tax reform now.  It is absolutely essential to fund Innovationish training for public servants. This is essential, high priority spending.  Tax payers should, if they can, go to … Continue reading

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The Infrastructure Government(s)

Governments around the world, but of more concern for TAFKAS, around Australia, are about to go into an infrastructure frenzy.  You see, it’s the only thing that can save the ecomomy.  You know it is. Somewhere, some how, TAFKAS estimates … Continue reading

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Love is a many splendid thing

One frequently reads and hears that regional and rural voters “love” the ABC.  TAFKAS most recently read it from the chardonnay communist Philip Adams writing for the Australian: Paradoxically, many – perhaps most – Liberal voters admire the ABC, as … Continue reading

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It’s all a matter of perspective

Perspective.  It’s an amazing thing. Wanna be ABC public servants, currently under the employ of Nine Media, writing under the banner of the Sydney Morning Herald, are currently running 2 stories here and here (there may be more) arguing that … Continue reading

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NZ’s aluminium smelter closure and the Damocletian Sword over Australian industry

In pieces in The Spectator and Quadrant, I address the imp;lications for Ausralia of the closure, as a result of high electricity costs, of New Zealand’s only aluminium smelter. Australia has loaded over $15 billion a year of costs onto … Continue reading

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Schumpeter Moment

TAFKAS will be honest.  He has not read as many of the “classics” as he would have liked to.  Too many great books, too many other distractions, too little time.  Perhaps it is too late with the coming book burning … Continue reading

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Directive from the Premier

The Premier issued a directive: higher social justice for the working class. This would translate to: see that wages are increased in proportion to the cost of living. And how will this work?  Like this: The increase will be determined … Continue reading

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From experts to deniers – Victoria edition

Experts must be listened to.  The science is settled.  Except when the views of the experts conflict with the narrative and then they transition from experts to deniers. For those in Victoria or who might have access to Premier Andrews, … Continue reading

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