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ANU’s Perth office (aka Chancellor Professor the Hon Julie Bishop’s office)

ANU is sending alumni the following letter: Dear Lucius, ANU is again holding our annual fundraising appeal in 2021 to raise much needed funds for the University. I write to inform you about the Kambri Scholars Program, which was established … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup guest post. The Beta-Sigma variant: (or “If you don’t stop that you’ll go blind”)

SA has had an outbreak of the highly infectious Beta-Sigma variant, (BS for short), and political brains are being turned to mush again as leaders try to outdo the authors of those adventure stories that featured in “The Boys own … Continue reading

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Why common law cannot guarantee liberty in Australia

I had erroneously claimed in my Griffith Society talk on 8 October 2020 that the rights of Australians are adequately protected and what we are seeing since March 2020 is largely a failure of the laws, a failure of institutions. I … Continue reading

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Riding to ruin on the back of CO2 abatement

The cost of Australia going to net neutral CO2, based on $160 per tonne of CO2, translates into $80 billion or $3000 per year per Australian.  Already we are spending at least $7 billion annually in subsidies to wind and … Continue reading

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Covid is not the plague, but neither is it the flu

Today in The Australian It is one thing to say, as I did on these pages last week, that Covid-19 should ultimately be managed like the flu, and quite another to imply that there is little difference between Covid and … Continue reading

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Woke miners wake up and show signs of life

Pausing for a moment from implementing green schemes, the miners, like startled wildebeest at the water hole, detect signs of danger as the lions get closer.   Sorry, this is the best I can manage at short notice.  Come back Gary … Continue reading

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Kevin Rudd “I’m still prime minister”

UPDATE: Now Kevin Rudd has issues a ‘statement attributable to a spokesperson for Kevin Rudd’. How egotistical. Why not just issue your own statement? The man is nuts     So Kevin Rudd wants to big note himself as a … Continue reading

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The vaccines don’t really work – Scott Morrison, pictured today

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Covid-19 elimination strategy is a war no one can win

Today in The Australian As other countries prepare to live with Covid, Australia and lockdowns remain joined in a fatal embrace. The problem is not just the harm wreaked by the unpredictable disruptions to daily life, the drastic restrictions on … Continue reading

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Red tape the problem rather than monopoly

Today in The Australian If there is one thing we have learned it is that if a conclusion doesn’t make much sense, it is wise to treat it with caution, no matter how carefully it has been derived.    

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