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Pyong-Dan, the Dear Leader

Maybe it is time to rename the Murray-Darling River.  Would not a more apt name be the Yalu River?  After all, the “original” Yalu River keeps the hostages of North Korea from escaping to the Communist Party run China. Is … Continue reading

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Planning Lead Recovery

Hat tip to Stephen Kirchner who spotted this RBA nugget: We estimate that home buyers will pay an average of $873,000 for a new apartment in Sydney though it only costs $519,000 to supply, a gap of $355,000 (68 per … Continue reading

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Just hit the RBA button

From Wall Street Journal: The state of California ironically is looking to hire 5,300 workers to process an estimated two-month backlog of unemployment claims. This is the ABC solution to economic problems.  Make everyone a public servant.  And then deploy … Continue reading

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The Placido Domingo of Australian politics.

Hmmm.  What can be said. According to the AFR, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating: warned the Retirement Income Review to keep its hands off the legislated increase in the superannuation guarantee to 12 per cent. Keating should me more … Continue reading

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Dominoes. How to destroy a nation, Australian edition.

According to Yahoo finance, in the USA, small business contributes: 44% of the country’s GDP and employ(s) half the nation’s private-sector workforce It is not unreasonable to assume that, before CovCrisis2020, it would have been a similar number in Australia.  … Continue reading

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Precautionary principle

Further to TAFKAS’ recent post and Pyrmonter’s recent post, TAFKAS draws people’s attention to sections 6 through 9 of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 below. 6 Precautionary principle If a public health risk poses a serious threat, … Continue reading

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Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter

TAFKAS has heard from a credible source that the Victorian police have been over run with citizens reporting on other citizens.  More inoffizieller mitarbeiters it seems. When heard this, TAFKAS was minded to the Jeremy Irons speech in the movie … Continue reading

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Workplace diversity and inclusion

Ask the following question of your workplace gender diversity and inclusion officer. Consider a workplace of five cisgender men. Which of the following options is more diverse and inclusive? (1) Two of the men announce that they are transgender and … Continue reading

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Pay attention

TAFKAS appreciates that it is difficult, but it is important to see what is going on beyond our shores.  To wit, the Financial Times is reporting: HSBC profits plunge 96% as loan-loss provisions jump on coronavirus For those unawares, HSBC … Continue reading

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What does this mean?

With Victoria declaring Stage 4 restrictions: Only essential services supplying medical needs, food, power and communications will be permitted to remain open under new Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews today Can it be concluded that … Continue reading

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